Weird Facts: Why people get Married? (Interesting but True)

Couples usually get married for different reasons, but there are times what they think usually sounds weird and totally funny. But you never think of the situations that:

Can you really survive a lifetime together?

Here are some really weird facts for getting married and the things due to which the old aged aunties do provoke to get married:

“Chaar Log Kya Kahenge?”

These 4 persons, totally unidentified faces have interrupted a lot of what to do. Frustrated by the thinking of society, most of the people decide to get married at early ages due to the fear being what the public will think if they have not found their life partners to spend their life with. These nameless 4 people might be neighbours, relatives but the main motive of them is to make ready many to get married.

“Pata nahin mujhe bhi!”

This one is the funniest part and the people are getting married but they too don’t know why. They thought for over 5 minutes but had no idea and answer except for a grim plastered on their faces along with a look of cluelessness.

“Your Friends Are All Getting Married”

When your bestie gets married, you always start dreaming of your own wedding. You too start fantasizing yourself in that world with red lehenga and bridesmaid all around. This thinking of watching your batchmates getting settled into the “happily married life quota” makes the entire group hurriedly sign up themselves across a number of matrimonial sites as well as agencies till the time they get their Mr Perfect!

“Because I wish to!”

This category people merely believe that they have spent ample amount of time and life in independency. They think that they have achieved the age of getting married. The excitement of beginning a new life with the person seems to make them more elated.

“They’re going to fix my marriage with someone else”

This one is very cute. This fact totally resembles like the movie DDLJ. They love one while the entire family loves some other person. In the event of Clash of Clans, the only solution to many couples is to quickly marry their beloved one or let go of them. The latter becomes too painful a thought to happen and hence, they settle for the former option of marrying them.

“Kundli problems”

The kundlis and astrologers have been famous for creating different types of twists and turns. In Hindu tradition, horoscope matching is the must before fixing the marriages and there are some unlucky souls having their horoscopes illustrating stuff like “they can’t get married after the age of 26”. Even the celebrities are seen performing a lot of traditions in order to break the issues in the horoscope.

“Your Ex got engaged”

Ooooohhh, there is some tasty joy when you tell your ex that you have found someone better than him. At the point when an ex is engaged before you, it may feel like you have lost everything. But there are many other ways to make your ex realize that you too have moved ahead in your life.

“Parents ka Pressure”

This is one of the most common reasons people come across. Parents shall be good at giving their child the liability to choose their own life partner. You may have listened to a discourse that starts, “I simply need to watch you get hitched before I bite the dust. Is that enough to ask?” Or perhaps you might have listened to the speech, “I’m just left among my group to have grandchildren. When you will be settled in life, get married, and have kids? It’s not good if you are depriving me of happiness at the last stage of my life?” Even the simplest question “When will you get married”, make you feel guilty if asked a number of times.

There can be a plenty of other facts for individuals in India to get married. While some opt to arrange marriages due to the parental issues, there are some who get married on their own or in order to explore an exciting life ahead.

Aren’t these facts amazing?

Comment below which was your case……..

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