Ladkewale Badges for Barati | Wedding Badges for Groom Family ( Pack of 15, 5.8 cm)


These ladkewale badges are sure to capture everyone’s attention as the essence of your wedding lies in the tiniest of details. The badges feature a Rajasthani boy caricature on a yellow background. These badges are 5.8 cm in diameter, have a glossy-finished surface, and are water-resistant.


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These ladkewale wedding badges are the perfect way to woo everyone’s hearts as you plan your big day. Flaunt these cute props in any of the wedding functions of the groom.

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Whatsapp for orders+91- 9878949765


Product Details

1. The fancy collection of Ladkewale Wedding Badges for the groom’s family & friends.

2. Pack of 15 Badges With Pinned Backside

3. Material : Metal with Glossy finish

4. SIZE : 5.8 cm

5. Water Resistant & Stainless Steel

6. Not Returnable.

7. For customizations & bulk orders, WhatsApp us at +91-9878949765


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