Wedding Badges For Team Bride | Betiwale Badges | ( Pack of 50 , 5.8 cm )


Are you looking for trending wedding badges for team bride? Buy this set of 50 badges that are designed for team bride. The badge features a cute girl cartoon highlighted on an off-white background with “Betiwale” written on it. It has a glossy finish and has a pin at the backside for grip. If you need these badges along with magnets, then contact our team at the number shared below. There will be an additional cost for magnet badges.


Whatsapp for orders+91- 9878949765


Quirk up your own wedding with these unique wedding badges for team bride that have cute girl cartoon. Pin up & show off these cute wedding badges. This is a unique way to grab eyeballs at a wedding and you can even gift them as a wedding favours to your guests.

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– For CUSTOMIZATIONS & BULK ORDER, contact our team via.

Whatsapp for orders+91- 9878949765

Product Details

1. The fancy collection of wedding badges for team bride.

2. Pack of 50 Badges With Pinned Backside.

3. Material : Metal with Glossy finish

4. SIZE : 5.8 cm

5. Water Resistant & Stainless Steel

6. Not Returnable.

7. For customizations & bulk orders, WhatsApp us at +91-9878949765


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