5 Tips for Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses for Summer Wedding

Tips for choosing bridesmaids dresses for summer wedding

Summer weddings are the best since the weather is more favourable. There is no cold, wind, or rain to distract you from holding your wedding anywhere. Therefore, you can opt to have a venue at the beach, garden, or indoors. When choosing bridesmaid dresses, there is no limit to what you can do regarding the style, fabric, colours, and design.

Nonetheless, make sure the bridesmaid dresses you choose complement the wedding theme, look good on your girls and are comfortable for the weather. Below are five tips to help you choose the perfect Bridesmaid Dresses for Summer weddings.

Bridesmaid dresses for summer wedding

1. Match The Dresses With The Wedding Theme

What kind of wedding theme are you planning to have? Is it a bohemian, beach, garden, vintage, all-white or bold coloured wedding theme? The wedding theme determines the girls’ dresses, so they don’t look misplaced at the reception. This can be achieved by choosing suitable styles of dresses, colours, and even fabrics. For example, for a beach wedding, it would make sense for the bridesmaid to wear short or knee-length dresses for comfort when walking. Some colours like deep-sea are perfect for garden weddings as the colour complements the greenery of trees and grass at the venue.

2. Choose The Suitable Materials

Summer seasons are hot, which means that you need comfortable clothes to wear for the entire time without feeling too much heat. Therefore, choose not too bulky materials so your girls will enjoy the day. Light materials that are soft and flowy are the best as they are breathable and do not cling to the body, something the bridesmaids would prefer. Check out the Cicinia site for ideas of some of the best fabrics for making bridesmaid dresses for Summer weddings.

3. Go All The Way Out With Colors

You could not think of those colours in chilly or cold seasons are the best colours to consider for summer weddings. We are talking about bright colours like peach, dusty rose, dusty blue, gold, and many others. Summer seasons are bright, and bringing in bright colours in bridesmaid dresses will elevate your wedding decor to another level. You don’t necessarily need to choose one colour of dress for your wedding; go for two to three colours that would look awesome on each girl. For example, you can choose navy blue and blend it with mint, orange, or peach.

4. Let Your Girls Have A Say

If you have more than one colour for bridesmaid dresses, it is good to allow the girls to choose the colour they feel that would flatter their skin tones. You are expected to have bridesmaids with different colour tastes and probably different skin tones. Some colours may look great in some girls, and others may prefer a particular colour you have selected. As the bride chooses the colours and lets the bridesmaids choose a colour each.

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5. The Dresses Style Should Flatter Bridesmaid Dresses

The bridesmaids have different body sizes and shapes. The last thing you want is the bridesmaids to be uncomfortable walking down the aisle or look bad in the dresses. If your bridesmaids look elegant, they will be comfortable, but they will still accentuate the decor for the wedding. So, it is good to choose at least two to three dresses and let the girls choose a style that flatters them. Cicinia can give you some ideas of different bridesmaid dresses to flatter different body sizes and shapes.

Indian bridesmaids dresses for summer wedding

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Summer is the best time to have a wedding! So you should explore the weather and make your wedding stand out by choosing the perfect bridesmaid dresses. Use the above tips to help you select the right and most comfortable bridesmaid dresses for your Summer Wedding. Get ideas for styles, colours, and dress fabrics for summer weddings from reputable brands like Cicinia

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