5 ways to Appreciate Your Wedding Photographers

5 ways to Appreciate Your Wedding Photographers

Photography isn’t easy, no matter how effortless a portrait or those candid pictures look. It isn’t’ about the camera, but the person standing behind it. Those beautiful timeless moments are captured with a lot of hard work and responsibility. Photographers are continuously learning new techniques, innovating and staying updated on everything so that their clients get the best. When you bestow your trust on them to capture the biggest moment of your life, they make sure to capture your memories with the utmost integrity. Indian weddings are very demanding and can deplete you out of your energy. 3 to 4 days of celebrations, back to back rituals, ceremonies and entertainment, the team of wedding photographers have to be on their toes to capture those beautiful moments. When they put up so much time, energy and love on creating beautiful, in return it’s important to return that love in the form of appreciation. Here are some ways to shower some appreciation for the team that works tirelessly for you.

A little More than “Thank You”

It goes without saying that once the wedding is over; we wait anxiously for the photographs. Keeping up the demands of the clients, the photographers are now even delivering some edits next day working day and night. It sure takes a lot of time to edit those pictures and in return, all they want is to get your valuable feedback. Thank You does work wonders but sometimes a little more than that goes a long way. Do call your photographer to say a big thank you and describe what you like and wish them all the very best.

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Leave them a Review

Wouldn’t it be really nice to take out some time and leave them a nice review? We all know the power of social media, it can help build up the audience and clientele. Make sure to leave your valuable feedback on their social media channels, websites and on google too.

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Tag Your Pictures

It goes without saying, credit should be given wherever it’s due. Whenever you post your wedding pictures online do not forget to tag your wedding photographer. When everybody appreciates the work,  it gives immense motivation to keep giving the best.

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Refer Your Friends

Referrals go a long way for the photographers. There is a lot of power in the word of mouth.  When you refer someone it shows their credibility.  It’s one of the best ways you can appreciate the photographer.

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Clear Your Invoices On Time

It goes without saying; when they deliver your memories please ensure to clear the invoices on time. It takes a lot of time and energy to get those perfect clicks, working on edits and albums.


Indian Wedding Photographers
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Great lighting, composition, contrast, juxtaposition, creativity and in-depth knowledge comes with years of hard work,  tireless working day and night and not to forget the investment in the right tools.  Appreciation not only monetary but non-monetary is the biggest reward that you can give. So go ahead and shower the love.


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