A Beautiful Punjabi Wedding With Oodles Of Tradition and Fun

If there is anything that Punjabi weddings are known for is Traditions and lots of fun and Dance.  Punjabi weddings are incredibly beautiful   from vibrant  Jaggo Night to serene Gurudwara Wedding  they leave a hangover  for  not just days but years. Navneet and Gurpunit  wedding  was no less than a dreamy Punjabi wedding affair .

Navneet and Gurpunit


The celebration of their 13 year long journey of friendship and love began with Roka Ceremony on 5th March ‘2017. The wedding festivities rang in with blessings of Waheguru  followed by  the engagement ceremony on  3rd September 2017.

Wedding Planning

Navneet  recalls  her Wedding Planning Journey had been absolutely amazing .  “ Just after the roka ceremony in March, I was so excited for my wedding ceremony that I started off  with the wedding shopping and  was almost done in 2 Months . But just as they say, the wedding shopping  never ends  it   continued till the last  day.”

The two shopped  everything together from their wedding attires to even the smallest thing .

“ Gurpunit  has been very supportive and patient, he has been  with me in my entire wedding shopping and  helped me  shop everything, infact we shopped together  for both  of our wedding  attires. During the entire journey  Gurpunit’s sister was a big support and  she helped us both in selecting  our wedding outfits , getting all the wedding work done.She has worked  her heart and soul to make our big day all the more special, despite having to take care of her own work and family.The wedding  arrangements were taken care  by  our families   our fathers and brother   making sure that  everything is  in place”

Wedding Ceremonies

Shagun and Engagement

On 3rd September  the wedding festivities was started with the “Path” at both the places. The day was followed with the Shagun Ceremony and Engagement Ceremony at  Hotel KLG .

“I knew my  Gurpunit’s family since  last 12 yrs but still on this day  I felt like someone else and someone so special.We both were so excited to exchange the rings.. We danced like crazy. Going through the memories I can tell you that we were the happiest on the earth that day ”

Real WEddings

Mehendi Ceremony

The mehndi ceremony  took place on 15th September . The couple took the mehndi shoot  to another level with their beautiful Traditional Mehndi Shoot .

Gana Tying Ceremony

In this ceremony a holy thread is tied   to the bride as well as groom’s arm and from that day onwards bride and the groom shouldn’t meet till the wedding. It is also said that   bride and the groom shouldn’t  leave their house from there on till the wedding. This  lovey-dovey couple broke  all the rules and met the other day to  visit their favourite  place again where they used to sit for long during their courtship days .



Sangeet Ceremony

The sangeet ceremony  took place at both the houses  and  the  to-be-bride danced it all out  even without her to-be-groom as it was her last day as Miss and next day onwards she would be Mrs, so she  make sure to make the most out of it.

Real Wedding

Anand Karaj

The moment  had finally arrived when  Navneet and Gurpunit  would be  Mr and Mrs .  When the  you see the one you love  waiting for you to come  the moment is priceless and Navneet  describes how she felt “When I entered the Gurudwara and saw him I just can’t explain what my eyes and heart were feeling that was just an indescribable feeling”.  Navneet sang Shabad along with her sister-in-law  in the gurudwara on her wedding day  and  she describes it as one of the best moments for her on the wedding day.



The hardest  thing on the wedding for any bride is the Good Bye. Amidst all the happiness and excitement , there is a part of you that aches and it’s the moment of Bidai that’s the toughest. Navneet  was all set for her Doli and had made up her mind not to cry, she didn’t wanted her family to go more weak , no matter how much she wanted to cry she  kept the smile on and gave strength to her family.

 New Beginnings

Starting the new journey   is so much easier when you have a family who loves  you  and  makes you comfortable  in your new home.  Navneet describes her arrival  at her home  “I just can’t tell you how grand welcome I got  everyone from the family was dancing with joy and from that day onwards I promised myself to keep that joy and happiness alive in them throughout life”


For our honeymoon we went to Bali . it  was  an enthralling  experience for me as I had never travelled by air before that and going internationally was such an exciting thing.We must tell you Bali is such a beautiful place that is indescribable the places, the beaches everything is just a beauty.The people there are so Humble and nice.. We enjoyed the trip so much from the cruise dinner to the water sports we  loved every bit of it.


Advise For Soon-to be Married Couples

Just start planning and shopping as early as possible that would make you a little  relaxed when the days will start arriving.. For brides try and do all the shipping and pack all your bags almost 10 15 days before the wedding as then you can enjoy your bridal ceremonies stress-free  and enjoy time with your family.


“For Gurpunit I can just say that I can never think of anyone who can take care of me like he does. He is the one who can make me happy anywhere anytime. I just can’t imagine my life without him..” ….. Navneet


“And for Navneet, I will say that I can’t imagine my life without her. She is a calm to my storm.. words are never enough for her all I can do is thank her for taking care of me because  I know no one else could have handled me the way you do.” ….. Gurpunit



Photographer   Nindi studios Mohali

Makeup Artist   Ruppashi Dhiman

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