A Classical Wedding Of Punjabi Kudi, Manpreet With Sandeep

“Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile” – Franklin P. Jones

Punjabi wedding is popular all over the globe, all because of Bollywood. Loaded with zeal, color, and great food, it has turned out to be nothing not as much of a grand spectacle everybody should experience at least once in a lifetime.

Weddings are a proof that there is goodness, love, and laughter in the world. What’s more, romantic tales like Manpreet Kaur and Sandeep Singh’s are a proof that there is enchantment in genuine.

We at Wish N Wed believe in this magic and are certain that every love story is unique and full of twist & turns. When we heard the exciting story of Manpreet and Sandeep that bloomed into a truly fairy-tale wedding, we had to share it with you!

Bride: Manpreet Kaur

Groom: Sandeep Singh

Wedding Date: 2nd February 2018

Let the beats roll as we enter into the land of dhols and lassis:

Roka Ceremony

It was a casual meeting with our parents, and the two immediately struck a chord. The road to take hand in hand had begun. The Roka ceremony was an intimate affair on 14th November 2016 with only the family in attendance.

Engaged for Life

The romance time frame had started. It is dependably said as the most beautiful phase of one’s life before marriage. Beyond any doubt, it was for these two too. More than all the soft minutes, it was Sandeep’s sense of humor that amazed our exquisite woman, Manpreet. He made her chuckle, for he loved seeing it himself. They spent countless hours in fun and frolic in the lanes and walks of the city. 

Pre-Wedding Shoot

Picture Courtesy: Studio Sanjay Arts

Love is love, whether it’s morning or evening!

Picture Courtesy Jinda Singh Photography

Preparations in Full Swing

After a beautiful courtship period, the time had come for the most important phase of their lives. The entire family was up for it. 

“As I was very excited about my marriage, I started my wedding just after my engagement day, even the date of the wedding was not decided. For latest and trendy fashion related help, I opted Instagram and Pinterest as a source to guide me in what to select and not.

Selecting wedding attire for my wedding was one of the most difficult tasks for me. After so many suggestions from my near and dear ones, finally, I decided to wear a Punjabi suit at my Anand Karaj and Lehenga at Shagun Ceremony.” – Manpreet on her Wedding Planning

She did most of her shopping from Chandigarh and Mohali. Manpreet bought her bridal attire from The Gulati’s, Sector 17, Chandigarh. For her wedding makeup, she entrusted Cleopatra Bridal Lounge.

Mehendi ceremony

The grand Punjabi wedding had commenced. The Mehendi ceremony was held 2 days before at the bride’s home. The couple started to have anxious yet sweet butterflies in the anticipation of the D-Day. Their companions had all begun pouring in. The Mehendi had its cooling impact, however. Incidental data says that applying henna on the lady of the hour’s hands is done to decrease the anxiety that precedes the marriage. It beyond any doubt helped.

Manpreet’s Beautiful Mehendi

In each and every Punjabi Wedding, there are so many rituals. And the Manpreet-Sandeep marriage was second to none. After the Mehendi, it was the time for the family to enjoy to the fullest and spend the last hours with their beloved daughter. There was a beautiful Jaago at the bride’s residence on 1st February 2018.

Band Baaja Baarat

Since it was mid of winters, a mild breeze was in the air. Manpreet and Sandeep’s wedding took place on 2nd February 2018.

Chura Ceremony

Sehra Bandhi Ceremony

Picture Courtesy: Studio Sanjay Arts

Make-up artist Cleopatra Bridal Lounge was busy carving the bridal look out of Manpreet. The spirits had soared. Amidst all the wedding hullabaloo, two souls grew from being mere acquaintances and friends to husband and wife. They tied the knots and came together for a lifetime of happiness and laughter.

Anand Karaj

Wedding Day: the Most heartfelt moment

Sagan Ceremony

Bidaai: The Most Emotional Moment of D-Day

After the wedding, the couple who love traveling took off the land for their Honeymoon. Their destination together were the white sands of Goa.


As we read this now, Manpreet and Sandeep are living happily. They are best friends who make sure there comes a smile on the other’s face every single time. Here’s to happy times, happy journeys and a happy life!

And this sums it up all,

Wedding ceremony is truly an amazing part of the life. Make these memories to last forever. Learn from other people, but don’t compare your relationship with others. Make it unique anyhow!” – Manpreet Kaur

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