Funny Characters we get to see at every Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are not just band, bajaa, baraat but a total entertainment  event.  It’s a bag full  of gossip materials for  months , high voltage dramas, style unplugged  and  not to forget match making opportunities.  There are these  super funny  characters at every  Indian weddings, whom you  just can’t ignore. The eccentric characters, make sure to keep you busy with their live entertainment .

The Gossiping Aunty

What better opportunity to gossip all time around than the wedding. Hundreds of guests to share, the latest gossip with added tadka.  She knows it all, even that you never knew about yourself. “Bhenji is ladke ke baare mein btati hun ”

I’m here to Judge

This one is found at almost all weddings. They know it all, and have done it all.  You can escape a microscope like literally, but not their eyes.” The choli is too short ”, “  Mehndi ka rang pheeka  hai ”, “ Khana thanda hai ” etc etc .  Their main motive  is to point out anything and everything  that catches the attention.

The Jodi Makers

Wherever they spot a young girl/ boy they start off.  They have numerous rishtas from all across.  If one  gets fixed, the credit is on them . “ Uska rishta bhi humne kraya tha dekho kya achi ladki mile hai ”. Please give a BREAK is what you wish you could scream out loud.

The Selfie Queen

Ok so, you don’t get dressed up for an Indian Wedding everyday.  The selfie queen will probably have hundred selfies on her cell phone. The 4G is  best utilised to send across shock waves on social media channels with killer looks .#weddinglook  #smokeyeyes  #shaadivalakhana #bhaikishaadi etc.

The Magnet

We all will have that one relative who makes sure she is always hovering around the bride or the groom. She may not be the bride’s best friend but on the wedding day she will be the one who will always be there.

The Foodie

The best thing about weddings for them is free food . You will find them always at the food stalls . They  have tasted it all , from snacks to desserts  everything .  “Khana  Khane Chale Kya” , “Chal na snacks khaate”, “ Bhut Pyaas lagi ahi yaar cold drink peene  chale”. It’s all about  food.

The Disco Dancers

With the DJ Vale Babu playing their favourite tunes on each request. They are everyone’s favourite entertainer. They can shake their leg to any tune and will dance their hearts out .  The drunk disco dancers will empty-their wallets throwing   notes around the couple in happiness . The Band Walas  extra source of  income  are these  dancers.

The Diva

If anybody can give the competition to the bride it’s her. The vibrant beauty killing it with her  style and ohh not to forget the adayein  leaving all the boys into frenzy.  She surely will leave many fuming out jealousy, and off course raising the glam quotient.

No matter what they  do,  they are the star entertainers  and above all our Atithis (guests) and ” Atithi Devo Bhava”.

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