Gorgeous  Brides who  Sparkled their Shaadi  with a splash of Pink

The color pink makes everything look pretty  isn’t it ? Well it holds true for the brides. Red is considered as reigning bridal color for Indian Brides, but pink is  not behind either. When it comes to pink , there are so many  hues of pink to choose from . How many shades of pink can you probably think of? Well, let these gorgeous brides show you different hues of pink, as they turn the atmosphere glow in pink.


Pink is in the air Isn’t it ?   Outfit by the bride herself  Natasha AroraPicture Courtesy IVY Weddings

                    Brides in Veils are sheer Delight. Picture Courtesy KirandeepPhotography

Picture Courtesy Gautam Khullar Photography

Picture Courtesy Fine Pixel Studio

             Picture Courtesy Morvi Images

Picture Courtesy Studio Kelly Photography

Picture Courtesy Ishita Chandhock 

                    Picture Courtesy Dipak Studios

Picture Courtesy Wedding Crashers

Pink Bridal Lehenga
Picture Courtesy Plush Affairs
Pink Bridal Lehenga
Picture Courtesy The Videowala

It’s a saying that every women should have something pink in  your wardrobe, it’s the color of happiness. We think the smile on the  these pretty brides says it all.

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