Magnificent Palaces in Rajasthan for a Lavish Destination Wedding

Destination Weddings are without a doubt the new and trends in India, yet most of the people dream to have their wedding ceremonies in a sumptuous style. Gratefully, Rajasthan is a mix of some exotic and delightful royal residences that can add an additional marvel to the special event of bride’s and groom’s life with fascinate and an incredible magnificence. Maybe, that is the reason the pattern of Destination Weddings in India has turned out to be so normal and looked for after. In this way, regardless of whether you cherish the forts or the stupendous castles, Rajasthan has every last bit of it to make your wedding function a life-changing one.

Almost every girl dreams that her prince charming would arrive one day, and they will unite forever in a never-seen-before and remarkable style. Well, if you too have been dreaming something exactly similar since forever, then a royal and lavish wedding in a luxurious and rich palace is just your thing. In order to make your dream come true, we have curated some of the incredible palaces in Rajasthan that you can surely consider for your grand destination wedding.

Sujan Rajmahal, Jaipur 

A well established royal residences in Jaipur, Sujan Rajmahal is a standout amongst the most looked for after areas of Rajasthan to get hitched at. The insides of the royal residence show a lovely intermixing of Rajput and Mughal culture. The palace has been a host of different national as well as international superstars and is known for its class-separated hospitality. So as you get married here, you and your visitors will get the opportunity to appreciate the nearby flavours close by getting a charge out of the neighbourhood culture.

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Alila Fort Bishangarh, Jaipur

If you want a beautiful blend of romance and splendour at your big day, head to Alila Fort Bishangarh for the celebrations. The fort is situated on the highest point of a stone slope made of granite and it overlooks the noteworthy rural surroundings that give a quiet domain to all your wedding ceremonies. In addition, the hospitality at this fort follows a holistic approach to satisfy every need of the couple who are getting married.

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Tijara Fort Palace, Alwar  

This is the youngest properties of Neemrana Hotels, Tijara Fort Palace is extraordinary compared to other palaces in the state to make your D-day an exceptional event. This fort comprises of vintage styled architecture and the pleasant atmosphere that gives the couple an enchanting background for performing the rituals. 

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Castle Mandawa, Mandawa

The radiant legacy lodging lolling in the Rajasthan’s deserts, “Castle Mandawa” is only an appropriate location for your royal wedding. Each and every part of this royal palace radiates richness, magnificence and an overwhelming emanation which is all expected to transform a wedding occasion into a lavish affair. You will be overwhelmed by the style of welcoming you and your guests and the entertainment you will be able to experience at this palace. Aside from your celebrations, your relatives will get an opportunity to enjoy the Rajasthani culture that will transform their visit into reviving experience.

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Devigarh Fort, Udaipur

Devigarh Fort in Rajasthan is one of the marvellous royal residences that guarantees to take once again into the illustrious period and feel among one of them as you tie the sacred knot. This fort is situated on the slope in Aravallis. On the top of all, the architecture and new-age extravagances win everyone’s hearts

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Neemrana Fort Palace, Alwar

Situated in nearness to Delhi, this fifteenth-century heritage hotel in Alwar, Rajasthan, is a standout amongst the well-known royal residences among the youthful couples. Whether you want an intimate wedding for yourself or a big fat one, you can get it all in the most royal way possible at the Neemrana Fort Palace. Each component at your wedding festivity is modified according to your inclinations in order to make your wedding the most memorable experience of your life.

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Hill Fort Kesroli, Alwar

This is one of the beautiful properties of Neemrana Hotels for the to-be-wedded couples. Hill Fort Kesroli provides the couples with a blend of rich heritage and beautiful environment. Apart from the sightseeing of this place, the staff at the fort is always happy to provide help at an extra level to make your wish of having a lavish wedding into reality.

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Mundota Fort & Palace, Jaipur

The 500-year old Mundota Fort and Palace is no not as much as a historical wonder. Roosted on the highest point of a hill, this royal residence is brimming with rich greenery enclosures, structures, porches, patios, and so on., and without a doubt is a heaven for the couples who long for an illustrious wedding for themselves.

Khimsar Fort and Dunes, Khimsar

This is yet another exotic wonder from the regal state, Rajasthan! This state of the art structure is one hot most loved among the couples who long for a regal treatment for themselves at their wedding. This glorious fort is known for giving a unique combination of characteristic magnificence and indulgence to the couples as they exchange the vows beneath the starry sky.

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It’s your D-day and you should get a regal treatment all through the celebrations. Without a doubt, these regal royal residences of Rajasthan will furnish you. So, you can choose any of these palaces and absorb in luxurious style while performing the rituals with your darling partner!

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