“One Wedding, One Life, One Us” – Real wedding Story of Gursheen and Amaninder

“A Great marriage is not when the perfect couple comes together,

It’s when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences….”

The above lines describe the couple “Gursheen” and “Amaninder” aptly who met each other at a Gurudwara  in Jalandhar.

Sometimes the best things happen when you least expect them. Just like this couple whose eyes  met  each other under the God’s grace and it was  “Love at First Sight”. Gursheen used to follow her daily routine of going to Gurudwara, Aman followed her on the way to find a chance to talk to her. But as our elder’s say- time changes for everyone and  jodis are made in heaven.One fine day,when one of a mutual relative brought forward the proposal for Gursheen, she  promptly refused in lieu of her studies.

How They Met?

“True Love Never Ends”

Things changed suddenly for  them, when Gursheen’s family decided to consider the proposal. The families interacted with each other and the marriage was on cards for  Gursheen and Aman. There has been both the good and the bad times in  their lives but they stood strong beside each other and never let the obstacles weaken  their relationship.


The Roka Ceremony:

The Roka Ceremony is an official engagement ceremony held at the Gurudwara in order to announce to the world that the search of the bride and the groom from both the sides has culminated fruitfully. The occasion involves coming together of the bride’s  and the groom’s family in the gurudwara and then Ardaas is done to formally reveal the beginning of a new relation.

 2nd December 2016  turned out to be all the more  special day as  it was  Groom’s Birthday and  beginning of a new journey for the couple as it marked the Roka Ceremony .

The Bangle Ceremony

The bangle ceremony is conducted some days prior to the wedding, a ritual that takes place in all the Punjabi Weddings.  To celebrate the  beginning of new journey  for the bride,the bridesmaids present the bride glass bangles in  red and green color. The  Bangles are adorned by the bride , till the choora ceremony .

The Bangle ceremony took place on 26th March 2016.

The love of the parents is life’s greatest blessings .

As I spread my wings and fly, look at me and know,

That you will forever be in my heart, even as the years grow

Bride with her bridesmaid and brothers

Punjabi weddings are famous all over the globe. They are full of gusto, color and great food. It is nothing less than a grand spectacle that everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime. There are a vast variety of wonderful things that go in to make an authentic Punjabi Wedding, an experience to remember.

Shagun & Sangeet Ceremony 

Sangeet is the occasion when the ceremonies kick in. Sangeet as the name suggests stands for music and entertainment.The family members from both Nanke and Daadke side gather  to enjoy the night full of  fun, laughter, music and dance. It is accompanied by jaago and dhol. The sangeet ceremony was lit  up with  dance performances from friends and family  for the bride.

Finally the day arrived which the bride “Gursheen” and the groom “Amaninder” were waiting for…..

Wedding Day Ceremonies

Chooda and Vattna:

The Chooda Ceremony is an important ritual of a Punjabi Wedding. A Chooda is basically  a set of bangles usually red and white in color, sometimes the red bangles are replaced with another color. In this ceremony, the maternal uncles and aunts put the chooda on the bride’s hands by dipping them in milk or milk mixed in water. Chooda is usually worn by the bride for the year as a symbol of newly wed.

Vattna on the other side is mixture of ayurvedic elements like haldi, milk and rose water. As per the ancestors belief, vattna gives an extra ordinary glow to the face.

Anand Karaj:

Anand Karaj is a holy ceremony that marks the couple as Husband and wife, it is held in the Gurudwara. It took place in the same gurudwara where they firstly met in Jalandhar itself. In the backdrop of sacred chants, the bride’s father performs the Kanyadaan. The palla of the groom’s suit is linked to the bride’s wrist and the marriage hymns are sung.

Gursheen for her hubby (Aman): He is very calm, fun-loving and adventurous. He is a fond of reading books and also much concerned about cleanliness. He respects everyone. I am lucky to have a hubby like him.❤❤❤❤❤

Aman for his wifey (Gursheen): “She is a bit short tempered but loving by nature. She is caring, responsible towards her duties and also a little bit childish. “❤❤❤❤❤

The most difficult moment of the wedding, ” Vidaai” which brings tears to the eyes of everyone present .

“कल तक था जो आँगन मेरा ,उससे दूर चला जाना है जिस कोख से मैं जन्मी ,उसी को आज पराया कर जाना है “

How can we forget the most special member of her family and that is her cousin “Sahej” who is is the apple of everyone’s eyes.

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