Real wedding turned this Bride and Makeup Artist to Friends forever

Real wedding turned this Bride and Makeup Artist to Friends forever

It’s truly astounding the way in which we celebrate Indian wedding with utmost pride and decadence. With every wedding that spaces our inbox we’re left in sheer reverence, admiring the beauty and elegance of Indian weddings. Within the hustle and bustle of wedding preparations, the bride-to-be is thoughtful when it comes to her wedding day looks and taking it to totally a different level.

If you want to bypass the “I wish I had this differently” part every bride goes during her wedding, we suggest that you should hire one friendly natured and uber-skilled Makeup Artist(*wink*).

Planning on your own wedding has a charm of its own & so was the case with Ritu, who put her all efforts on researching the best photographer and makeup artist through one of the wedding portals “wedmegood” and it was straight out of a fairy tale, through which she met Pratishtha Arora Makeup Artist. This meeting turned their relationship from client to friends forever.

Let’s have a look at this interesting transformation of relationship from a Makeup Artist to being a friend.

Meet Ritu & Karnik Gulati

Ritu introduces, “We met through a classmate while we go for coaching classes. It’s been nine years that we are together.” She explained further, “Our relationship started with friendship and we were friends for 4-5 years. Then we started spending time with each other and realized that there’s something more than friendship and then our love relationship began. So, in all, it was 5 year of friendship and 4 years of relationship.”

Wedding Planning Journey

Unlike other brides, Ritu exclaims her wedding planning journey had been a smooth one. Finding vendors for her wedding, she took to online portals and booked her vendors through Wed Me Good.

Little did she know that she had found a friend in Makeup Artist Pratishtha Arora who helped her with her wedding shopping.

(How cutely that little girl is staring at the couple. She is the real beauty behind this picture.)

Pre Wedding Ceremonies

Sagan cum Engagement Ceremony



Experience with Makeup Artist – Pratishtha Arora

She describes Pratishtha Arora by saying, “Although I met her through a wedding portal, she has helped me a lot in selecting everything from my wedding attire to wedding jewellery and makeup”. She further explains, “I was having no knowledge about the makeup. But she was available at all times whenever I called her up. I had her just for my wedding only.”

The perfect Pout…… “Isn’t it interesting?”

The wedding that gave us major inspiration gave us some serious outfit goals and makeup inspiration too. Ritu was looking so stunning on her wedding and there were hardly any misses. Don’t believe us? Take a look above.


Makeup Artist  Pratishtha Arora

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