Things to Keep in Mind during Your First Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth is going to come, only a couple of days are left. Majority of the ladies are prepared with their new and sparkling garments, mehendi outlines and each other thing that will be expected to influence them to look perfect and excellent. This is one celebration, which all ladies anticipate, the entire year around and their satisfaction knows no limits when it at long last arrives.

Having said that, Karwa Chauth, despite being a very exciting festival, is the most difficult fast women observe. As other occasional fasts are concerned, this is the one and only one when women don’t have to consume or drink anything the entire day.  But for the women who are keeping this fast for the first time, there are some key points that surely need to be considered, as it is strongly believed that this fast is kept for the long and prosperous life of one’s better half:

Eat Sargi properly

The foremost thing is to have your Sargi meal properly. It is the meal which women have early in the morning before the fast starts. Try to eat everything and as much as you can. Because whole day you don’t have to eat anything. Eating the foods that are rich in proteins will keep you full for a longer period. On the flip side, having sugary or fatty foods will make you feel hungry sooner.

Do not over-exert your mind and body

Do not make yourself burdened while you are in office or at home. In this situation, even your boss too will understand that it’s difficult to manage work with a crucial fast like this.



This is one of the most important things that you need for this fast. Mehndi is considered to be the symbol of “Suhagan”. So it is mandatory for every married woman to put mehndi on her hands.

Puja Thali

On this day, women worship Goddess Parvati, who is the epitome of happily married women. Therefore, puja is done in the evening and the puja thali should contain all the necessary elements that are symbol of being married. Like sindur, bangles, bindi and lipstick.


Karva is nothing but a small earthen vessel that contains water. It is also kept in the thali and your husband makes you drink first drop of water from this to break your fast.

Avoid Loud talks and Exercising

It doesn’t mean that you have to deliberately speak less, but if your daily activities involve a lot of talking and speaking at a high pitch, avoid doing them for they make bring you closer to the memory of the dear water. Avoid exercising too, as it will only leave you more starving and thirsty.


Do not think about your fast too much as it will make you realize again and again that you are hungry. SO try to distract yourself in activities like investing your time in household activities or your work.

Be prepared for critical situations

If you feel nausea or dizziness at any times, don’t get scared. Instead go and eat something. As in every situation it is believed that “Health always comes first”.

Great Meal

After the puja of moon, it’s time for having delicious food items with your husband.

So, now you might be aware of all tips and tricks that need to be kept in mind during your first Karwa Chauth. Hence, don’t waste much of your time and go and have your beautiful clothes, jewellery etc ready. But make sure that you keep full care of your health.

Be Calm and Happy Fasting!

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