When Gate Crashing Birthday Party Led to Finding Soulmate

They say you can find love in unexpected places and at the most unexpected times, and this love story is one such story.
Let us begin with a note found in Arjun’s logs.

“This journey of love began on the night of 22nd December 2019 when a single bachelor guy far away from thoughts of marriage crashed a girl’s birthday party, who too had no idea that life was about to take some very interesting turns. The night went on, and we didn’t speak much, except when it was 3:00 am on a Monday morning and I had to leave cause I had work at 8:00, I bid my adieu to people, but just as I was about to say bye to the reason and the life of the party, she asked me super politely not to leave (of course she doesn’t remember much of it after all those shots) that went down, and little did she know I would take it seriously enough to not leave her for the rest of our current lives she continued and told me she had worked at 7:00.
I gave her a quick glance from head to toe making sure I look right through the eyes of this woman who stood in a pink spandex dress and said there’s NO fricking way, you’re making it to work in that condition, to which she said “You’ll see”

And at that very moment I decided if someone’s going to be next to me for an eternity, it has to be this girl. She did make it to work and thanks to the world of memes, I made it to her DM’s and made sure I stuck along until we finally met at a friend’s wedding.  After 3 years of dating, 2 of which were covid years that gave us the opportunity to spend real quality time with each other while working on ourselves striving to constantly improve and we mutually decided that it’s time we take the plunge and the rest is history and a beautiful one at that.


A marriage is only as magical as the creative team behind it and ours moved heaven and earth in making it the best time of our lives.

Engagement Ceremony

We started this journey with an engagement ceremony hosted at The Grand Dreams, Nehru Place. No wait, come back a little, we started the journey a month before that with More Than Thumkas, as we started prepping up for the dance performances which we gracefully remembered on the D day, all thanks to Prabhu and his team.
After a lot of searching and choosing, Gouri wore a silver lehenga from Ejaaz Coture and Arjun chose to make all of his outfits on his own, with his tailor.


Engagement Ceremony Engagement Ceremony Engagement Ceremony

A note of thanks to Mandakini for organizing the wedding decor and turning a private farmhouse into a fairyland.
Her fairyland clearly highlighted the dream girl, the bride who was beautifully decked up in a lehenga from Aashni Design Co. Chandni, Chowk.

Mehendi Ceremony

Then after a week’s rest, we carried on with Gouri’s mehndi at her farmhouse and then a cocktail party at Bella-Monde, NH 8.

Arjun’s outfit created by his mother @rachnagrover73
Gouri’s outfit created by her mother @ritukum






A super special mention to the whole team of Katalyst Entertainment especially Megha and Prateek for helping with adding sparks to all the events with their artists and performers.

Makeup for all of the events was carried out by Gouri herself, and as she brought out the best in her, we can assure you, marrying the right person can bring out the best in you.

All of these special moments, turmoils and ragers, were beautifully captured by the team of Lenseyzia who not only made sure we got the perfect shots to reminisce these days in the future but they also provided us with space to make sure we cherish this time with each other and our near and dear ones and actually feel and live the moment.

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