7 Trending Wedding Themes of 2020

Planning to tie the knot in 2020? Well, you’re in for a treat! The selection of trending wedding themes this year will make your photos look breathtaking and leave your guests awestruck. Plus, it will be loads of fun to plan. So grab your beau and a glass of Chardonnay. Here are the 7 trending wedding themes of 2020.

The Desert Chic

Bring the elegant boho vibe to the serene desert landscape. Against the backdrop of muted earth colours, it will be easy to stand out. Make sure your colours complement the natural surroundings. You can also use boho or Navajo patterns for your designs. Some even go as far as to include cacti in their floral arrangements. Cacti also work well with sheer.

Always let your wedding photo and film crew know what you plan on doing, so they can make the necessary adjustments to their production, too.

The Greek Goddess

Embody divinity with the Greek mythology theme. Since this is a returning classic, there are tons of existing design elements and wardrobe options to choose from. Wear flowy fabrics with golden accents. Use olives in the decorations to highlight the Greek inspiration. Pillars, vines, and sheer drapes can also add to the ancient Greek aesthetic.

Consult the many Greek-inspired Renaissance art pieces to come up with wedding photography pose ideas that are unique and fun.

The Moroccan

A theme that can be maximalist, minimalist, and everything in between — the Moroccan is one of the most prevalent themes in recent memory. It is known for its lavish textiles and patterns and desert-inspired details. It borrows some prominent elements of the Moorish designs of the East.

Cool California

Continuing the theme of deserts and pseudo deserts, this design inspiration borrows elements from California’s winery country. It blends freshness and elegance in a cool way. People can sport boho-ish looks with rustic accents.

The Wanderlust

Since travelling is one of the most popular ways couples spend their leisure time together, many have opted to take it a step further and use wanderlust as their wedding theme. Depending on the specific places you’re taking inspirations from, your decor will likely be a combination of several themes. Find themes that complement each other in terms of colour and design elements. Having a destination engagement shoot is also a plus.

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The Old School Rock and Roll

There’s something about the old rock and roll that screams showmanship. Everything from the clothes they wear to the choice of music, this theme highlights the freedom induced by heavy doses of rock and roll. The theme has a lot of retro palettes that combines vintage and country decor.

The Tropical Opulence

As the name suggests, the theme houses lavish designs in a tropical-esque package. Not to be confused with the boho tropical theme, the tropical opulence replaces the organic/natural elements of the former with rich accents, textures, and floral designs. This 2020 trend will likely stay for a long time.

The gorgeous selection of 2020 wedding theme trends will surely give you a hard time deciding which one fits your wedding best. Don’t worry, whichever design inspiration you choose, your big day will be unforgettable. Here’s a Canva article to help you with the 2020 colour trends to complement your chosen theme. Best wishes!


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