20 Best Wedding Photography Pose Ideas

Wedding Photography Pose Ideas

We all know, a wedding is an essential event in everyone’s life. Moreover, everyone wants to keep memories of their marriage ceremony by taking pictures. Therefore, to capture the special moments accurately, the priority goes to “Wedding Photography Pose”. The better the inspiration you give, the better glow you can bring to your photographs.

As a photographer, it’s the photographer’s responsibility to know the difference between a wedding and an engagement photographer. It directly leaves a footprint on your wedding and engagement-friendly photography. the concept of posing in wedding photography.

List of Wedding Photography Pose Ideas

I am glad that I am about to arrange some best pictures of a wedding with the best wedding photography pose ideas down below. However, for that, you must follow the steps I mentioned and try to visualize the steps. Unless you won’t be able to make it properly. The better the creativity you can show, the better the output you will get. Let’s not ruin the moment and jump to the steps:

1. To Get Ready with Mother (Bride)

It is a genuinely emotional moment for the mother as well as for the bride. You can capture the moment while her mother helps her to get ready for the wedding. It can be a candid pose of mother-daughter. Therefore, the moment of love will turn into the best memories. Later on, they will cherish the moment by watching candid pictures.

Bride & her mother getting ready shot

Source: mishavigmakeupstudio

2. Happiness with the Maid of Honor

Maid of honor is the foremost important person for the bride. You can capture those little happy moments with your camera. This little happiness also gives shine to the wedding album. Click the button to take pictures of them while they are dancing together, laughing, smiling, and many more.

Wedding Photography Poses of bride & her sister

Source: seventybytwo

3. First Look of Bride and Groom

As a wedding photographer, your first task will be to capture the moment of the groom’s first look of seeing the bride in her wedding gown. It must need to be candid. Otherwise, it won’t suit the snap. Later you can use the picture for Wall Photo also. If you need you can also ask the couple to capture this shot in private so that they feel comfortable. If they agree, then you better take the snap before the ceremony.

Wedding Photography Poses Ideas

4.Groom and Groom’s Brother

There are many excellent poses for the groom at their wedding. However, the most fleshy one is when you will laugh, talk, with their brothers. Moreover, capturing them means wrapping the most beautiful moment. A brother is the only one who can cheer their wine glasses to enjoy the moment with the groom. Undoubtedly you can take some mesmerizing shots of them.

5.While Bride and Groom is Dancing for the First Time

You will not get any other mesmerizing moment like the first dance of the bride and groom. It happens at the reception as you already know about it. You can take snaps of those beautiful moments when they will be holding their hands and dancing, or smiling at each other and dancing.

First Dance of Bride & Groom

Source: shadesphotographyindia

6.A Photo with Props

Typography prop is continuing as a trend of every wedding. It can add more creativity to the images. You can get some creative and fun poses with the accessories. Capture them in different poses and angles will give you some pictures with life in it. Follow the trend. Have a marvelous shot of the couple. You can even take a snap of the groomsmen and bridesmaids with different fun props as well.

Wedding Photography Poses for Bride & Groom

Source: akankshagautam91

7.Dramatic Wide Angle Click

Take the shot into an open field or in between the woods. Tell them to hold their hand and talk to each other. While they will talk to each other, they look relaxed. You can get a natural shot. Take the shot from a little distance to make it better.

Bride & Groom Wedding Photography Poses Ideas

Source: Divine Mantra

8.The Titanic Pose

A famous pose for couples from the iconic movie Titanic.  This can be captured in an open place. Cherish the beautiful weather with a special feeling for each other. Isn’t it romantic?

A precious moment for both of them, You should shot the moment right after the wedding,

9.The Kiss

After ‘I do’ moment, they can kiss each other. This is emotional and happy for them. Create an intimate moment by placing the bride’s veil over the married couple. Let them feel the moment and capture it as a candid.

First Kiss Wedding Photography Ideas

Source: rossharvy

10.Forehead Kiss

Groom can wrap the bride to kiss on the forehead.  Take the moment of love with your camera. They can show their rings as well to make the picture better.

Bride & Groom Pose Ideas

Source: safarnamafilms

11.A Picture with Kids

Kids are also a part of a wedding.  Take a shot of the bride and a kid of brides family withholding a flower bouquet. Create an enjoyable picture with this shot. Imagine a baby girl and bride holding the bouquet. Cute, right?

Flower Girls Photography Ideas

Source: pinkpalki

12.Blindfolded by the Bride

Usually, the groom is not allowed to see the bride in a wedding gown before the wedding. Use this for an elegant pose. Ask the bride to cover the eyes of the groom before he can see her, Click the delightful shot to give them a breathless moment for their wedding photo album.

13.Lying in the Grass

Ask the couple to lie down in the grass and look at each other, They may smile while holding hands. The bride can rest her head on the shoulder of the groom. It will be a dramatic and romantic shot of the wedding,

To make the photos better, you may use professional photoshop services. Search the best one to have the proper service with your requirement.

Punjabi Bride & Groom Wedding Poses Ideas

Source: glimmerfilms

14.The Basic V of Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids can give a victory sign to the camera. Expression of enjoyment can make your shot more interesting. They may enjoy the happy moment of the bride together. Capture this with fun.

Wedding Photography Poses with Bridesmaids

Source: dylan_photographer

15. Groom is getting ready

The groom may be wearing the wedding suite with the help of his brother, They may laugh during the moment. Click the happiness and make it more memorable. Your capture should be the reflection of their happiness.

Groom & his squad photography ideas

Source: bratphotography

16. A Family Photo

Family photo of brides and grooms family together can be a must-have picture of the wedding photo album. The moment of a new relationship begins with the wedding, It can show the brand new bonding between them.

17. The Sunset Shot

A sunset shot can create a breathtaking moment. The couple can hold each other close. They may have the intimate feel of the moment in the sunset. You can take this shot from a distance to make it more intimate.

While editing the picture, make sure using the photo retouching services. Make every shot more attractive.

Bride & Groom wedding photography in sunset

Source: therock

18.Walking Down the Aisle

A close to heart moment for every bride and groom. Focus on the bride while she is walking down the aisle. It is a great moment to capture.

Wedding Photography of Bride walking down the aisle

Source: shadesphotographyindia

19. Follow Me – Wedding Photography Pose

The most trendy pose of couples. The groom holds the hand of the bride from behind like he is following her. Capture the trendy pose.

Follow Me Wedding Photography Poses Idea

Source: cineloveproductions

20.Last Moment with the Brides Family

The most touchy moment for the bride and her family. Crying and sharing an emotional state with each other. It can give you goosebumps. Capture the emotional moment.

Wedding Photography Poses Ideas

Source: sunnydhimanphotography

Take Away

As a photographer, you should have the unique ideas of posing in wedding photography. Make their special day more memorable. Happy capturing.

Good luck.




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