9 Couples Who Are Perfect Outfit Coordination Goals

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Awww these two lovebirds look so drenched in love, is the first thought that crosses the mind when we spot a couple in perfectly coordinated outfits.  It’s no easy a task to accomplish, especially when you have style choices that are poles apart. But, that’s the beauty of love and relationships, where two completely opposite individuals, vow to spend their lives together in harmony and bliss. When you are ready to take a plunge and sync your lives together, coordinating outfits are rudiments to synchronized lives.

It’s not just about picking the same colour, but looking and feeling good together in co-ordinated outfits. If you are considering to coordinate your wedding outfits and don’t seem to be too sure. From pre-wedding outfits to wedding outfits here are couples who will let you know how to nail the coordination game.

Color-Coordinated Pre Wedding Shoot

Although couples are conscientious of c0ordinating their wedding day looks, not many consider it for a  pre-wedding shoot. It’s quite a grind, as one needs to keep in mind the location, the backdrops and weather conditions too. This couple’s pre-wedding shoot outfits are co0rdination goals. They are twinning delightfully.

Picture Courtesy Dipak Studios

Coordinated Outfits For Couples

Bright Shades of  Summer

We are in awe of this couple, they are perfectly in sync with their matchy-matchy outfits.  The shades of her brightly coloured outfit are tuned with his outfit. The white colour Kurta neutralizes the bright colour effect of yellow and hot pink. It’s a rare combination of colours, yet this couple has pulled it off with style and oomph. Not to forget the smiles that are complimenting the sundowner effect.

Color Coordination Ideas For Couples
Picture Courtesy Delhi Velvet

Matching hues and elements

If pictures are a proof of fairytale romances, then this couple’s just lived their fairytale moment. Anita Dongre has always been a bride’s favourite, but here she clearly is groom’s favourite too. The groom-to-be’s jacket complementing the bride-to-be’s skirt not just in colour but the elements too. The Pink Floral tiara and baby’s breath on the braids are perfect to go with these pastel coloured-floral outfits.

Color Coordination Ideas For Couples

Color Coordination Ideas For Couples
Source Anita Dongre

You are my Sunshine

These bright yellow coloured outfits are perfect for the morning Mehendi ceremony. They are perfectly in coordination with their lively spirits and rightfully so with outfits.

Picture Courtesy Cupcake Productions

Ombre Pairing


This couple just raised the bar with the  Ombre Outfit Pairing and immaculate jewellery combination from head jewellery to neck pieces.

Color Coordination Ideas For Couples
Picture Courtesy Knotting Bells

On-trend  Coordination

Clearly, this couple hands down is trendiest in town. Couples sporting Unicorn coloured outfits honestly, we are seeing for the first time.  The pink detailing on the kurta, the blue coloured mirror work jacket and aviators to match her unicorn blouse with tassels on the arms and the aviators. Just love this picture and there are numerous reasons for the same.

P.S  The smile they are wearing is the best accessory.

Color Coordination Ideas For Couples
Picture Courtesy Hitched and Clicked

Subtle Pairing

Sometimes wearing exactly same coloured outfit can become too OTT, if not carefully executed. This couple’s subtle pairing in pink is like a cool breeze. Though both are wearing pink outfit but in different tones to match each other. Even the jewellery is kept subtle to go with the outfit. In short a match made in heaven.

Couples who are Perfect Outfit Coordination Goals
Picture Courtesy Cool Bluez Photography

The Right Pairing

When the bride is in red or maroon and if the groom picks up the same colour outfit it is destined to be a disaster. This couple has perfectly matched the outfits without going overboard. The groom’s turban and the stole in sync with the bride’s outfit 

Couples who are Perfect Outfit Coordination Goals
Picture Courtesy Deo Studios

#FAMJAM Pairing

When you just go a step ahead to not just twinning with each other but with your bridesmaid and groomsmen too. It does take meticulous planning to pull off coordinating to a notch above the rest.


Coordinated Outfits For Couples
Source Siddhartha Bansal


Aren’t these couples perfect outfit coordination couple goals? It indeed is quite cute to see couples slaying their wedding in matching outfits. Quite a distinct way to say It’s a Match.

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