JUST In Ideas For A Delightful Mehendi Ceremony

Mehendi Ceremony is always a delight for the bride, but to make it equally delightful  for your out-of-towner friends and family  here are some JUST IN  Ideas. The regular  genda –fool is  just too plain and  there have been too much of Rajasthani umbrella  everywhere.  Fret not, because her’s what you can try for your unique Mehndi Ceremony  Experience.


Makar Sakranti just  passed by and it was amazing to see the kites in the sky. It would be definitely worth  adding to you  wedding  festivities. It can be used as an activity for all the others while you put on your mehendi  or it can be interestingly added to part of your Mehendi Decor.It’s perfect for an afternoon  Mehndi  fun.

Mehendi Decor
Decor By Eventalya
Mehendi Decor
Decor by Anyonya


“A party without a cake is just a meeting” and   cakes at Mehendi Ceremony are  totally happening .  Not all weddings  have a wedding cake and if you so wish you have one at your wedding get a themed cake for your Mehendi.

Mehendi Cakes
Picture Courtesy Dream Diaries


This paper art, won’t let  dull your mehendi sparkle. Different colored papers beautifully folded to form different shapes such as birds, hearts , planes  and a lot more  will instantly give a special effect to your Mehndi Decor. It will be a delight for the guests  to notice this art and the pop of colours  will spill the magic. Decked up Jhoola with origami instead of  genda phool will bring uniqueness to your Mehendi Decor.

Decor By The Wedding Wale
Decor By The Wedding Wale



All you need is Love and Donuts?? to make anyone happy. They not only visually delightful but delectably delightful as well. Put up a stall of donots and let the happiness spill.

Picture Courtesy Pinterest
Picture Courtesy Pinterest


 Tyre Up

Recycle is the key to some good decor . There is so much lying in your old storeroom/ garage that you can convert to absolutely great things . One such thing is old tyres . Paint them in different colours and place them . They can be used for sitting arrangement or some flower planting and you can also use them as a swing .

Mehndi Decor
Picture Source Pinterest
Mehendi Decor
Decor by Élan Events by Nipunika


 Fairly Lights

If you have plans for a sundowner Mehendi , then light up your Mehendi with fairy lights .
These little lights give a very beautiful effect with the gowing down sun and when the sky is all dark it Lits up the place. You can also white umbrellas for a different effect.

Colour Palette

If you want decor with very few elements , yet a striking one choose pick just the right shade that does not need anything special.Sofa covers , to table cloth , cushion covers colour contrast them for a serene experience .


Mehendi Decor
Decor by The Wedding Designers

Wind Chimes/ Hangings

You can hang wind chimes, beautiful bird cages , your pre-wedding pictures, colored kettles, dream catchers, lanterns at different areas and spots. Do not go overboard with them , but choose one that fascinated you the most.

Mehendi Decor

Mehendi Decor

Mehendi Decor
Decor by The Wedding Designers
Mehendi Decor
Decor by Upper Crust


So usually the mehndi ceremony is where you will find the bride and the ladies busy with the mehndi and the Men’s department busy with other chores. Plan up some games where in all can participate and have fun together such as Antakshri , Dumsheras, Truth or Dare Game,Bingo, Ispy,  dance performances can also be added, but then there is sangeet ceremony already so make your mehendi ceremony interesting with games.

Mehendi Games
Props by MJ Craft Centre


These ideas will not just brighten up your mehendi, but will be full of delightful experiences and some beautiful memories .

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