How to make use of your Pre-Wedding Photos at Your Shaadi

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Pre-wedding shoots are a big hit amongst soon-to be married couples.Unarguably it is full of fun, excitement and brings couple a step closer to each other especially in case of arranged marriages.  For a fact, it isn’t easy to pull off a great shoot without planning the nitty-gritty details.The result of all your efforts is definitely breath-taking pictures, which you can’t stop staring.These beautiful pictures do deserve to be part of your Shaadi. Let us tell you How to make use of your Pre-Wedding Photos at Your own Shaadi.

Let them Invite

So the best way to include your picture in your shaadi is to make them part of your invite. Here are two ways you can use them .

  • Create a cutesy Save-The Date with one or a picture collage of your pre-wedding shoot.
  • Go for a personalized wedding invitation website. It’s  totally worth  doing. Use pictures from your pre-wedding  shoot to tell your story and invite  your guests with a personal message .

Add them to your Shaadi Decor

  • As it’s your shaadi so you can’t be there at the welcome gate, let the pictures do it for you. Create personalized posters for different events and you can place them venue. The same can be done for the mehndi, sangeet functions too. Once the shaadi is over you can frame it.
  • Project the Screen: You can have a large screen at your wedding that can project your pre wedding shoot photos and videos. This will be a great addition. You can also live stream your wedding too.
  • You can also have little picture collage cards printed and placed  on the respective tables allocated for the guests.
Wedding Planners The Wedding Designers  Picture Courtesy The Wedding Nama

Print ’em Up

You can also print photos on T-shirts  caps and make it a dress code for a fun haldi or mehndi function. It will be a surprise for the guests. Add a hastag to it. You can have  bride pictures printed on the bride squad and groom’s picture on groom’s squad .

Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are not new to weddings. It’s a way to say thank you to be a part of the celebration.

  • If you opt to give sweet boxes as wedding favors you can have the picture printed on the boxes.
  • You can also create stickers if you don’t get the boxes printed,  and seal the boxes with them, or stick them as labels on your favors.
  • You can also make custom carry bags with the names and photo printed on it.

So get going and let  pre-wedding photos lit up  you shaadi with their  glam , while you garner all the complements.

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