Bridal Sneakers and Where To Buy Them Online

Just as there is a league of potter-heads, there also are quite sneakerheads too. Stilettoes, pumps, and kitten heels have been winning the bridal footwear game for a long, but when it comes to dancing to your heart’s content there is nothing like comfy pair of sneakers.  Wedding festivities are endless hours of following rituals, hovering around, dancing and clicking pictures. So many things to do which is quite a task in high heels, leaving you with painful feet before you hit the bed.  Modern-day brides are not tossing the heels out of the way and embracing sneakers on their wedding to be as comfy as possible whilst having tons of fun at their wedding.

Bridal sneakers are not your everyday regular sneakers.  but a whole lot fancier and embellished that can even make stilettoes look a little too regular.  You can order them off the racks or even get them personalized and handcrafted to match your bridal outfit or add your own little detailing there.

Here are some Comfy and Stylish Sneakers Curated by Brands for the Brides.


Shoes that are chic and glam are what Chal Jooti is known for.  Sneakers with embellishments that we could not even think of are brought into existence by the brand.  If you fancy whimsical footwear in vibrant colours then you will drool over these sneakers that remind you of candy floss, unicorns and fairy tales.

Bridal Sneakers

Red and White Bridal Sneakers

Silver Bridal Sneakers

Check out  & order the Chal Jooti collection on Instagram.

Kanvas India

Kanvas is a much-coveted footwear brand, they have stores in India and  Canada. The brand houses a vast range of footwear from heels to loafers and of course sneakers. The sneakers by Kanvas are all made with vegan materials and handcrafted with premium quality material comfy and stylish these sneakers are a go-to for any event or errands. Customizations are available for both bride and groom or you can order straight from the curated shoes that are pretty much wedding-ready.

White bridal sneakers

Check out  & order the Kanvas Collection on the Website 

The Saree Sneakers 

As the name implies Sneakers with an Indian Twist are what The Saree Sneakers are popularly known for. Handcrafted sneakers in zardozi, chikankari gotta, sequins, ribbons and beads all go into making those cute and fancy bridal sneakers for Indian brides, sneakers that are very Indian. Customizations as per taste and liking are available.  Here are a few of our absolute favourites from The Saree Sneakers.


Quirky Indian Bridal Sneakers

Maroon and Gold Bridal Sneakers

White and Pink Floral Sneakers

Check out  & order  The Saree Sneaker Collection on the Website 

That Quirky Naari

They do what their name implies; footwear that is quirky and edgy for the Naari.  Glitz, glam and shimmer are what the Bridal Footwear collection is made of. So they garner all the attention they can grab. That quirky Naari was also part of The Shark Tank India where they successfully got an investment deal of  35 Lakhs.  The entire collection is worth drooling for, but we absolutely adore the light-up Skechers.  Here’s spilling some quirkiness in shoes for your inspiration.

Custom Bridal Wedding Sneakers

Velvet Sneakers For the Bride

Light Up Sneakers

Check out  & order the Quirky Naari collection on the website.

Coral Haze

Yes, coral haze is well known for bridal juttis, but did you know they also make sneakers which are pretty cute too.  Embellished with embroidery, dainty pearls and sequins these designer sneakers are a perfect match for your wedding ensemble. The versatile designs can be worn not just on your wedding day but even after your casual outings.

Beige and Gold Bridal Sneakers

Pink and White Sneakers

Sequenced Bridal Sneakers

Embroidered Bridal Sneakers

Check out  & order  Coral Haze Sneakers on the website.

Tiesta Shoes 

Tiesta Shoes is a luxury shoe brand that’s designed shoes for celebs like Masaba Gupta, Nikhil Thampi and Agami. Designed and also produced shoes for Calvin Klein and FCUK. They have a house manufacturing unit in India and it’s a completely customized shoe brand.  Sneakers are not your regular sneakers but some come with wedges and platform heels embellished with pearls, sparkles and sequences.  Tiesta shoes have also been part of Lakme Fashion Week. Their collection is one of a kind and you shall agree when you lay eyes on these beauties.

Red Bridal Sneakers

Ivory Bridal Sneakers

Golden Bridal Sneakers

Embellished Bridal Sneakers

Check out  & order Tiesta Shoes on the website.

We are sure these Indian Brands will not fail in finding your ideal shoe match for the wedding. Try them out as all of them will happily customize a sneaker for your wedding, something that’s exclusively yours to walk in.

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