Beauty Regime for your intimate wedding during Covid-19

Every girl dreams of being a beautiful bride someday. To look glowing, and beautiful in a way that all eyes are on her. Well, if you didn’t get enough time and resources to take care of your skin during the COVID-19 lockdown, don’t worry. Here we have for you some easy to do things that will enhance your looks without taking a toll on your head. These are some tried and tested beauty hacks you can add to your skin-care routine. Look no further as we have curated an entire  Beauty Regime for your intimate wedding during Covid-19.

Bridal Beauty Regime for lockdown wedding



 Follow a skincare routine

It is the right time to start your skin and hair care routine for your marriage. Even make-up artists suggest that for a flawless make-up base, following a good skin-care routine is a must. As per experts, any good skin routine takes 4-5 months to give results so don’t wait until the last day and instead make one today.

Assess your skin type and then choose the right ingredients. Focus on ingredients and choose the ones right for your skin. We suggest going for a customized skincare routine rather than a generic day or night cream, as they usually do not solve your concerns and are very expensive. You can assess your skin using Nykaa’s online assessment.  The best part is that they do also suggest some products based on your skin type. Follow all the steps from cleanser to moisturizer as your skin needs all of them. You can also use ingredients/stuff from your kitchen as part of your skincare rituals, they are safe and results are good.

DIY facial at home

If you couldn’t find any salons open right now or you just want to do your facial at home, you can try out this DIY facial routine. It’s natural and you can find all the ingredients in your kitchen easily. You could do this once or twice a week, depending on the kind of time you have in hand.

Cleansing – Dip a cotton ball in milk and apply it all over your face. Milk has cleansing properties and is super gentle on your skin. Leave this on for 10 mins and wash it off with water.

Scrub – Take a bowl and mix two teaspoons of yoghurt and add one teaspoon of rice flour to this. Mix it well and apply it on your skin. Once it’s semi-dry, wet your hands and start scrubbing in an upward circular motion. Rice flour and yoghurt both have skin brightening properties and rice flour helps you get rid of all the dirt build-up.

Facial massage– Take a teaspoon of milk cream and mix it with half a teaspoon of honey. Mix it until it forms a cream-like consistency. Massage it well into your skin for 5 mins. Wash it off and pat dry.

Face mask- The Ubtan facemask ritual has been in our country for ages now. So that’s a no brainer. However, you could try out this DIY too:

Take soaked 2-3 almonds and make a paste out of it. Add 1 teaspoon milk and apply it all over your face. You could do this step every day.

Pro tip: Avoid using any untried facial items which may cause you to break out. Always do a patch test on your jawline before trying out any new face mask if you have sensitive skin.

Follow a hair care routine

After skin, the next essential thing is your hair to look perfect in all your wedding functions. Who doesn’t want long healthy hair which can be moulded into any beautiful style? Also, for family functions or after marriage dinner invites, when you won’t wear any makeup these beautiful locks will be your best friend for your photo-ready look.

For hair, you need 4 key products: A good oil, mild sulphate free shampoo, smoothening conditioner and a light serum to lock in the moisture into your hair. Identify what is missing in your hair which you want to achieve and then buy your hair care products accordingly. As lockdown has confined you home and no salon for hair spa, you can go ahead and try some hair masks you can shop for them online or you can also go for Homemade Hair Masks depending on your hair concern.  Alternatively like skin,  you can also consider going for a customized hair care solutions such as Vedix &   Freewill hair care solution


Bridal Beauty Regime for lockdown wedding


 Body massage

Body massage is an absolute essential for every bride to be. It helps in reducing stress, removes dead skin cells and improves the overall appearance of your skin. Take a body oil of your choice(coconut, olive, almond oil) that you have at home and mix it with some lavender essential oil (optional). Massage it all over your body before going to bed. Do this every day and you’ll see your skin glow like never before.

 Beauty sleep to manage stress

Mental health comes first, always. With all the wedding preparations and stress on mind, you would not want to have puffy eyes and dark circles. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated throughout and get 7-8 hours of sleep every day! Seriously, this is the most neglected thing.

As per research by Oxford Academy, sleep deprivation can cause:

  • dark circles
  • swollen eyes & hanging eyelids
  • pale skin
  • wrinkles & fine lines

To get a sound sleep you need to clear your mind first so an oil massage as mentioned above before bed can help or a quick shower can also help you relax.  You can also try foot soak before you head to the bed, it will help calm your senses and also aids in better sleep. Do not forget to apply your night moisturizer after a shower to avoid dryness.


Smoothie bowl

Along with maintaining beauty on the outside, it’s equally important to take care of your diet and make sure you eat right. This smoothie bowl is a perfect recipe to have it like any of your meals. It’s filling, delicious and reduces the bloat in your stomach. Also gives you glowy skin eventually.

Ingredients– Half cup of mixed berries (frozen or fresh), One small banana, a few drops of vanilla essence, granola(optional), flax seeds, chia seeds, overnight soaked oats.

How to make – You can prepare this at night, keep it in the fridge and have it in the morning when you’re on the go. Or prepare it as and when you want to have it. Take the berries, banana, oats and vanilla essence and blend it in a mixer. You can add honey if you want. Take it out in a bowl and top it with some more berries, granola and chia seeds and you’re done.

This recipe is so delish, you cannot go wrong with this one.

Pro tip: To make this healthier and for a pink glowy look, you can also add half a beetroot.

Add a lot of fruits to your diet and avoid eating anything junk or fried. Eating right  is the first step to glowing skin and healthy mind and body


Bridal Beauty Regime for lockdown wedding

Photo by Madison Inouye from Pexels


Hair Removal At Home

To keep yourself well-groomed, opt for the best hair removal technique that suits your skin type. This depends on what kind of body type you have. What might be suitable for one body type, might not be suitable for someone else?

If you want to go for a painless way of hair removal which suits all skin types, you can go for shaving. Buy a good quality razor, like Gilette Venus. These are easily available everywhere and is trusted by many and is part of a regular grooming kit.

If waxing has always worked for you, you can buy The Raaga Professionals wax from Amazon or Nykaa.

If you have a higher budget and can go through a little pain, you can invest in an epilator. I recommend the Philips Epilator which is super safe and easy to do.


We all have a different body type and each body type is beautiful. However, it’s always a good idea to exercise at least 20 minutes a day to be in a better state of mind and avoid bloating. You can go for something as simple as Bollywood Zumba which is super fun or full body HIIT. This will not only help you feel fresh but also help your immunity get stronger during this lockdown. There are tonnes of YouTube videos where you can follow these workouts from. Some really good workout channels I would recommend are- Dhruvi Shah Dance ( Zumba) and Chloe Ting( full-body workouts).

If you love Yoga then nothing can beat it as it helps in getting both body and mind in the right shape. Yoga is another form of exercise which has tons of benefits, from vitalizing energies in the body to help tone your body yoga is something that can be done from the comfort of your home.  You can install some Yoga apps for beginners there are plenty of free apps out there alternatively you can always refer to Youtube.




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