Bride Vs Groom

Bride Vs Groom

Weddings  have an aura of excitement  right from the day of announcement to the day of solemnization. The essence of the wedding ceremony  is the union of two souls into one, but these two beautiful souls have their own ways of planning their wedding. On one side popping up the question and finding the best ring gives sleepless nights to the groom. Finding the right bridal dress, having perfect arrangements leaves the dear bride-to-be restless and running on her toes till the big day arrives. Bride Vs Groom Wedding Planning is as exciting as  the wedding itself.

Here is a sneak-peek to how bride-to be and the groom-to –be think and plan their weddings.

Popping the question

He thinks of several ideas and occasions, to find the perfect way to pop out the big question to her. The only thing that she dreams of  is whenever the question pops up , hope that she  is wearing the best attire from her closet that day as it’s her special day.

Post the Proposal

Finally  the relationship status now upgrades to “Engaged”.  Time to move over the new  phase for her , from the  carefree girl to  Bride-to-Be . The Bride-To-Be is not just a tag for her it’s the crown  of responsibilities for her .  For him  it’s  time to sit by and relax , finally he  got  the girl of his dreams . While  his sleepless nights  made way to the most relaxed night , for her sleepless nights  have  begun.



Our Bride-to-be  will attend all the  weddings, wedding exhibitions, lookout for the latest ensemble  by designers  and  make a visit to all the stores  for her trousseau shopping. On the other hand the groom -to -be will be  hanging out with friends , having fun and lazying around.


Wedding pictures  are beautiful memories that  are captured by the masters of photography. The wedding album  make you relive each of those moments again. When it comes to wedding photography brides are super excited and they long to hire for the  best wedding photographer to capture each beautiful moment . Bride -to-be will  make calls to all  her close friends and inquire about the best photographers. While the grooms will  have  some friends who are amazing photographs, but the bride wants nothing but the best.  They may be  thoughts apart but  dear groom will definitely  do  what makes his bride happy.


Having Meals

This is  one thing that upsets the bride-to-be the most. Suddenly she will break-up from her favorite food items and go on a crash diet. After all she needs to  fit in her  attire , doesn’t mind shedding few kilos before the big day.  Groom-to -be is same with party all  time attitude.


Who gets  Invited?

This goes without  saying , the groom gang is big. There has to be friends everywhere, more than the relatives  you will see friends. Friends from school, college, office  and even from the gym  and canteen will be invited. The more the better.  While the bride gang  is carefully scrutinized, only the best of all make the cut. BFF’s  of course get to  decide who all are the bridesmaids, not everyone gets to become  one.


The Dance

While you find the  bride with her girl  gang , taking out time for practice  and  choreograph all the dances  that  the bride side will  show. The groom  will be seen  enjoying the music  because all that the groom gang need are a few drinks and they are on.



Personal Grooming

Long before the wedding date is announced the grooming   time for bride-to-be begins . From parlor visits , to fitness  center , the spa treatment , home remedies all begin as soon as they  know they are getting hitched . For the grooms it begins just  a week before or  2 to 3 days before.


Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

While  the  Bachelorette party is all about the  big glam party or a trip  with BFF’s . For Bachelor Party  its all about the booze  location and plans  doesn’t matter.


Wedding Venue and Menu

Both the venue and menu are important for the Bride. While the Bride-To-Be wishes to have a five course menu  with the best of all the world  from Indian, Chinese, Italian and so on. The Groom most important  item on the list is the drinks, no wonder  drinks  should be  best in class and in  large quantity.


The Wedding Day

Finally when the D -day  arrives , the scenario is  no different .

No matter how both bride and groom plan for their  wedding, the excitement  and nervousness to get hitched for the lifetime  is the same.

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