Trousseau Essentials for Indian Brides

Trousseau Essentials

Women and shopping are just inseparable; they will always walk hand in hand.  As soon as the wedding is fixed, the first thing in mind of any bride-to-be will undoubtedly be trousseau shopping.  For a bride they are no ordinary luggage of clothes, but a treasure box.The elation of wedding, overpowers everything else and we splurge shopping. Before you go out and splurge here are few Trousseau Essentials for Indian Brides, so that you have a guilt free shopping experience.


Suits are absolutely must have for every Indian Bride. No wonder jeans are best friends for so many, but you should incorporate suits in your trousseau. There are so many styles to choose and are really comfortable to wear. In India there so many festivals all around the year, and you can definitely rock your style in suit.

You have options like a simple Salwar Kameez Suit,Flaricious Anarkali Suit,  Plazzo Suits for  that absolutely chic look and Sharara Suits.You don’t need to have many of them, as your guests may gift them too. So shop only few in different colours and do not shop lot of reds and pinks. Try mixing up different colors and styles, so that you never run out of style.

Suits for Indian Brides


Sarees  are very graceful attire. They have should be a part of every bride’s trousseau.Cool chiffon sarees can be carried of almost anywhere. You can also add up one or two silk sarees. Sarees are evergreen , they can be worn even years later, it’s like an one time investment. You can also  convert your sarees into lehenga’s and suits.

Georgette Silk Sarees

Indo –Western Outfits

Try  out some indo-western  outfits,  mix and match skirts with kurtis. Kurtis  are versatile they can be worn with skirts, plazzos,  sharars, jeans. So investing in some  indo-western outfits will not only give you a variety in your wardrobe, but also will keep you stylish always.

Indo Western Outfits

Jeans and Tops

You can make jeans and a t-shirt super stylish. It’s what you make of it, you know?  Said Phillip Lim. This is so true  denims are super stylish and versatile . So don’t dump your pair of jeans , they too  can be part of bridal trousseau. Team them tops, shirts, kurtis, tunics and t-shirts.

Sleepwear and Lingerie

Sleepwear should be extremely comfy, entire day wearing suits; sarees with jewellery can be quite   difficult. So invest in some comfy nightwear.Lingerie is an integral part of your trousseau. Invest in basic to sexy lingerie. There are thousands of styles available as per the body shapes available. Black and nude is a must have in lingerie, you can also choose various other colors as per your likings.

Bridal Lingerie


Picking up the shiny   gold silver toned stilettos   looks up like ideal footwear. But, are you going to wear them all time? Do not splurge buying only heels, pick up different pair of shoes, a pair of sports shoes, some ethnic juttis, ballerinas, wedges, flats and flip flops.  Pick up at least one pair of each.  If you are confused what you should pair with your bridal attire  Click Here

Stoles and Shawls

No matter what region you stay  stoles and shawls  should have a place in your closet . If not many pick up at least 1 shawl maybe  something like pashmina . Stoles and scarves can also be teamed along with jeans and kurtis so do add up few of them.

Shawls and Stoles

Makeup Kit

Makeup kit in itself requires a lot of scrutiny. The market is flooded with lots of  makeup products and brands choose as per your skin type . If you are a makeup junkie, you sure can never have enough. In case you are new to makeup, choose your products wisely. Do not overspend on makeup, because makeup products have low shelf life and they may end up going to trash bins without usage. Some of your friends may also gift you makeup kits and makeup products. Also in some regions makeup kit is also gifted to bride by groom’s family.

Mkaeup kit amazon


Diamond and gold jewellery cost a fortune, with their day to day utility being very less. We often buy good amount of jewellery, and are mostly kept in bank lockers to be taken out only for occasions. Don’t spend on heavy neckpieces as they will have very little utility. Pick up   a nice engagement or a wedding ring as it will be worn daily, some nice pair of earrings that you can wear without outfits and some pearls sets that look elegant and not too heavy. Just like clothing trends, jewelry trends do change over time with new trends and designs coming up. You can always opt for artificial statement jewellery later on.

Bridal Jewellery


You need not have a handbag for each dress, or just one red handbag for all.  Handbag should be classy and something that fits in your must-have handbag essentials. Satchel bag, Sling bags, clutches, hobo bags there are a lot of variety. Picking up just a few that compliments majority of dresses is the key. You need not have a pink bag with a pink dress; you can always use mix of colors.

Handbags by Elle

All things small but extremely Important 

There are certain things that are small , but are extremely important to be put in your trousseau.

  1. Safety Pins .These small pins are a great saviours in emergency . Do buy a few packs and keep them always handy. You may need them quite often   to pin up your dupattas , sarees, dresses etc.
  2. Bobby Pins/ Bun Pins. These are also important to fix up your hair , make some cool hairstyles.
  3. Stockings and Socks
  4. Readymade Petticoats in white, black and skin colors.
  5. Toiletries
  6. Hair dryer and hair iron
  7. Waxing strips/ epilator/ razors for days when you can’t visit the parlour.
  8. Medicines
  9. Readymade Petticoats in white, black and skin colors.
  10. Wet, dry tissues and handkerchiefs.

Suitcases / Trunks

Last but not the least is the luggage bag / suitcase / trunks in which you pack your entire collection. Do check for safety security locks before buying.  Pick up different sizes so that you can use them later for your honeymoon travel or short trips.



While shopping do not splurge or fall for alluring offers. Do cross check prices both online and offline for various products  in your makeup kit and toiletries to save  some money. Keep a list handy with you all time to check what is left and what is done to stay organised.

Enjoy the shopping  experience and  keep  smiling …

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