How to Choose Wall Art for Bedroom

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Do you feel your bedroom unfinished? If yes, then it is likely due to a lack of wall decorations. Nobody wants to live in a plain and dull box. Wall art livens up the blank walls of the bedroom.

Your bedroom is also known as your private oasis, a place where you can relax and have fun after a tiresome schedule. Wall Art is a great way to personalize your private oasis. It makes your bedroom look exciting and stylish.

It can add a focal point to your bedroom and helps to create a style statement. And it is a way to tie the bedroom interior design scheme together. However, it is often neglected by many people while decorating interiors.

But it is an essential element of interior design. So make wise decisions while selecting and displaying wall art. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect wall art for your bedroom:

Setting the Right Mood with Wall Art

Wall Art for Bedroom

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While selecting a wall for the bedroom, choose an art piece that correlates to the mood you want to set in your room. Bedroom interior decors often depend on the following themes:

  • Tranquility

Classic wall art choices for a tranquil bedroom include garden scenes, botanical images, landscapes, and ocean views. These art pieces convey a sense of calm and peace that you often desire in a bedroom to relax.

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  • Passion

You can infuse passion in the bedroom through colors and textiles. The deep, rich reds or erotic portraits can help to display warmth and love in the bedroom.

Wall art for bedroom

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  • Escape

In the concept of Escape, you make space where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of a hectic life. So, you can display landscape paintings, scenic photography, or abstract art.

  • Playfulness

A playful feeling usually rotates around cute images, fun colors, and characters. It reminds us of the child’s innocence. It is often associated with children’s bedrooms.

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Choosing Wall Art by Size

The important point to keep in mind while choosing wall art is the size of an art piece and the available space. Your blank wall will look impressive with a beautiful print; unless the dimensions are wrong.

While shopping, keep the size thing in your mind. It will let you select the pieces correctly. If the dimensions are wrong, it will throw off the balance of the entire bedroom.

It would be best if you invest in large art pieces. By investing in large art pieces, you will maximize the artwork’s impact on bedroom interiors. Place them at eye level either directly above your bed or hang them on the opposite wall.

If you do not want to display large art pieces, hang smaller pieces in a group. Try the limited number of prints as many art pieces can create clutter on the bedroom wall.

Make sure that the art pieces complement both theme and color. It will create a bedroom aesthetically eye-catching.

Paintings for bedroom

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Selecting Wall Art By Color

Select wall art pieces that tie in with your bedroom’s existing color scheme. The color you select has a direct impact on the overall mood of the room.

There are two practical approaches to select wall art by color. The first is to choose a color or two already present in the bedroom. It creates consistency, a cohesive and sophisticated look.

The other concept to select a wall art by color is to go bold. Select the most prominent color in the room and put this to wall art in varying tones or shades.

African Women's Fashion Canvas Set Wall Art

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Selecting Wall Art for an Open Floor Plan

Nowadays, homeowners mostly purchase open floor places. So, picking the wall art for open floor places can be slightly intimidating. To glam up the walls, buy wall art with the intention that clearly defines your bedroom space.

In open floor space, you try to keep artwork cohesive throughout. Otherwise, too much differentiation in art pieces will create a clash. So, buy the art pieces keeping color and theme in mind.

Picking a Wall Art by Style

Every home has an established point of view and style. So when you pick a wall art, check if that art piece will fit into your bedroom style or not.

Whether it is modern, Scandinavian, traditional, or coastal chic, the wall art you select refine your bedroom’s style. So, choose an art piece wisely.

The modern bedroom looks best with black and white photography pieces, whereas Scandi bedrooms include softer, light wood options.

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Final Words

In the end, while selecting the art piece, the most important thing is that pick a piece for bedroom walls that you will enjoy and appreciate. Wall art is one of the direct extensions of your personality.

Moreover, the right piece of artwork can make a significant impact on your bedroom. It sets the tone for a bedroom, reinforcing whatever you feel. It also adds color, texture, dimension, and depth to a room.

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