Wedding Gift Ideas for Modern Couple

Have a wedding in a family and wondering What should I gift?

So here is your guide  to answer that big question. We do a lot of brainstorming on this since all of us intend to gift something that is good as well as well as useful .

So here is your guide  to answer that big question. We do a lot of Brainstorming on this since all of us intend to gift something that is good as well as well as useful .Well here are some great wedding gifting ideas for the modern couple.

I suggest if you have a  close relation with the Bride/Groom ask them what kind of Gift would be better it may sound weird asking what gift would you like us to gift. But, don’t you think this is far better than gifting something that would be of no use to them. In case you do not have the option to ask the Bride/Groom their choice so here are your choices



Unlike the older times where the married women would wear suits or sarees only, times have changed.This generation is experimental so if in case you want to gift a clothing you have whole lot of option from western wear to ethnic wear. I personally prefer gifting something that  would be timeless and does not go out of fashion .Reason why I say this is because most of the brides/groom shop for a  new wardrobe, jewellery and other essentials  during wedding shopping so gifted items remain buried in the closet . Also, modern brides these days  have multiple options from jeans t-shirts ,tops, skirts, maxi dresses etc  so by the time the closet opens the gifted item are outdatedMy pick on few things that never get outdated are

  • Silk Sarees : Silk is the most  loved fabric of women of all age groups . Silk sarees are the must have wardrobe essential   for any bride. They look elegant, traditional and they are evergreen  one can pass on from generation to generation. There are variety of silk sarees available such as Benarasi Silk, Kanjeevaram  Silk  the most premium of all,  Bandhni Silk,Mysore Silk , Chandheri Silk , Bhagalpuri etc.

    Kanchipuram silk sarees Source:
  • Suits : That are handwoven such as, Kashmere embroidery, Phulkari, Silk Suits etc.Kashmere embroidery needs no introduction  it as beautiful as Kashmir  itself. Phulkari  is traditional  embroidery from Punjab  which is quite beautiful .

    Kashmere and Phulkari work
    Kashmere and Phulkari work
  • Traditional Kashmere/Kullu /Kinnauri shawl /Stole 
  • Source : Pinterest

Such things are traditional and time- less they never go out of fashion irrespective of the age. You can wear them at 18 as well as 60 they look classy as well.

Kitchen Appliances

There are mutliple kitchen utility items which are good gifting options and would be  very useful too. This is wonderful gifting option to those couples who stay away from the family due to work and had been staying in a PG or sharing an apartment with some friend. So in this situation the couple would have to rent an apartment, set up kitchen and other things . Why not gift something that would be useful for them and they could use it day in day out . Some of the basic kitchen utilities that one can gift are.

Microwave oven, Food Processor, Chopper , Juicer Mixer Grinder, Electric cooker, Coffee Maker, Halogen Oven, Crockery..etc



There are myriad of choices and you can choose  whatever suits your taste and budget.

Gift Cards

I believe these are one of the best options to Gift. For the confused lot who are unable to decide what would be the ideal gift, e-gift cards are the best. Amazon, Flipkart etc. have no of  e-gift cards of varying Amounts so you put the ball in their court and let them decide what they wish to purchase with it. Amazon being our so called APNI DUKAAN has so many options to choose from.So when in doubt just gift an E-gift Card. Also we have gift cards  from variety of retail stores as well such as Lifestyle, Westside . When you know what’s the  couple’s favourite shopping destination  you can gift a Gift card.


Bedding Sets

I haven’t seen  someone gifting these but recently scrolling through a website realised these too make such a wonderful gifting options. They come in such beautiful designs with all the necessary bedding essentials packaged in a bag which include things such as  Double Comforter , Double Bed Sheet , Pillow Covers,  Cushion Cover and Cushion Fillers.


Digital Cameras

After marriage couple heads for a honeymoon so they will have number of beautiful moments to capture which can be cherished throughout life.Digital Cameras are great gifting options and  there are number of choices  to choose right from Sony cybershot to Nikon coolpix to Canon powershot and few other high-end SLR, DSLR depending on your budget you can choose any.


Some Others

There are few other options that will be a great gift for the modern couple

  • Decorative  antique wall Clocks.
  • Digital Photo frames.
  • Travel Packages.
  • Handbags.
  • Grooming kits for men and women such as shavers, stylers etc.
  • Makeup Kits for the brides.


Here I have listed,  gifts that  a couple will highly appreciate keeping in mind the modern trends and needs of the new-age couple. Nevertheless, all the gifts on the weddings are priceless and carry emotional  significance and lot of memories along .

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