How to Plan a Super-Fun Haldi Ceremony

If you know how the Indian wedding Timeline works, you definitely know it can be  super exhausting.   While Sangeet Ceremony is the only ceremony where people let their foot loose and shake the booty. Haldi Ceremony too can be much more than just applying the Haldi.  Here are some   Legendary ways to Plan a Super-Fun Haldi Ceremony .

Choose Your Pack Wisely

Weddings sure are full of drama and drama-queens, so choose your  pack wisely .  Haldi ceremony is   close-knit ceremony wherein only the closest get invited. Limit down the guests , but  do not leave out on your cool friends.. It goes without saying, the   party mood is set by the guests .

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It’s La-Haldina Festival

If not  been part of , we all have  heard of the famous La Tomatina Festival , so  make  Haldi       Ceremony as La-Haldina  Festival . Why should  only bride and groom be drenched in Haldi. Make it  a  festival of fun . You can also add colors , flowers  to up the fun-quotient.

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Go Yellow

It’s super easy to pull off Bright Haldi Look , even if the weather is not  bright and sunny .It’s one ceremony where you need no makeup or expensive clothes to shine. Just go for the color yellow and  white,  have a dress code  white and yellow and you can all go  messy .

Garnish  it with some  Crazy Music

There is nothing better than a party ready music. Create a playlist that amp up the mood.  A good music will relieve your wedding stress and will  make it one hell of a haldi party.  If you love the 90’s , add 90’s retro party  mixes and  let loose.

Gustatory Experiment

The wedding menu is probably loaded with all the toothsome delicacies.  Keep the platter light on the Haldi ceremony. You can keep some snacks and  light drinks  for your guests , not being too heavy for the stomach.

Placards and Photo Props

For selfie –queens and pout  lovers , there is nothing better than some quirky photo-props .  Boomerang videos to snap chat stories , make sure to give them enough for their creative desires .

Add these   bucket-full of haldi ideas to your ceremony and  leave a  Haldi  mark on your guests that will not go away easily .

Precautions: Stay away from fussy aunties and duly check the quality of your Haldi.

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