Inside Saily Lad & Shantanu Powle’s Royal Maharashtrian Wedding


Culture, love and celebration of an eternity – Saily Lad and Shantanu Powle’s culturally rich wedding ceremonies embarked on the fresh and regal elements of the finest Maharashtrian traditions intertwined beautifully for the gorgeous couple and their historic wedding décor.

Maharashtrian Wedding

“My mom and I always dreamt of a grand and royal wedding. Both of us always fantasised the idea of having a larger-than-life, dreamy and elegant wedding and even gathered pictures and mood boards inspired by multiple weddings and authentic Maharashtrian traditions, over the years. Our culture is extremely important to us and we wanted to incorporate that through intricate details. We wanted everyone to feel as though they were witnessing a grand Maratha wedding, like the ones you only read about in history books.” shares Saily while speaking about her vision for the wedding.

Unique wedding decor


The couple met in an arranged-marriage setting initially but the love and affection they share could make one think they’ve known each other for years.

Talking about one of the most unique cultural incorporations, wedding photographer Shrey, co-founder of Knotting Bells shares, “Saily and Shantanu’s wedding has to be one that will stay with us forever. We see a lot of big fat weddings with modern elements but this traditional Maharashtrian wedding decor was a one-of-a-kind experience and left us completely mesmerised. Both Saily and Shantanu are such great people and throughout the ceremonies, we all developed a very warm, family-like bond and that is something we will always cherish”


Couple potraits


The traditional Maharashtrian Wedding was captured gloriously by Knotting Bells 


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