Keith and Rochelle finally got married in a low-key affair – A Match made in Heaven

Keith and Rochelle finally got married in a low-key affair - A Match made in Heaven

Seems just like the wedding season is still not just over! Another celebrity wedding after Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakkar is of the Ex-big boss contestants, Keith Sequeira and Rochelle Rao. While some celebs make it a grand wedding by sharing every moment of their D-day, there are some who prefer to keep it as an intimate one with no announcements.

These Ex-big boss contestants, Keith Sequeira & Rochelle Rao were in a 2 years long relationship and were seen together in the 9th season Bigg Boss. After getting engaged on February 14, 2017 the Valentine’s Day, the lovebirds have now tied the nuptial knot in a beach wedding. Both got hitched in a hush-hush wedding ceremony in  Mahabalipuram., Tamil Nadu on March 3rd, 2018.

Both were looking stunning in their wedding attire. All in all it was a Christian wedding. Rochelle looked prettiest in the beautiful white gown, her hubby Keith looked dapper in a sea blue blazer and pant. They had always wished for a low-key affair and destination beach wedding and finally opted for this beautiful beach in Mahabalipuram.

Picture Courtesy: Keith Sequeira

Picture Courtesy: Rochelle Rao

In an interview with the leading media Pinkvilla, Keith and Rochelle talked about how they met for the first time. The story is quite interesting as well as sweet as they are the perfect example of couple “made in Heaven”. Rochelle shared,” We both first met in a plane while we were travelling to Thailand for different shots. A common friend of ours who was the makeup artist of Keith made us introduce to each other. Hence, our first meeting was because of our common friend. One day, I was in the church and was praying to God to send me the best man. And suddenly, Keith came there. This was how our story began from friends to love birds.”

Keith on Rochelle’s statement then commented that “It was purely a Match Made in Heaven”.

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Video Courtesy: Lisa Bocarro

Keith for Rochelle,””She is very open girl by nature. No pretending emotions, she is totally genuine in her part. The first thing that I love about Rochelle is that she is an emotional rock for me. It also helps that since we come from similar backgrounds, we understand each other better and so she just gets me, always. She is also a very spiritual being, which I really relate to. The one thing I don’t feel really helps her is that she is very emotionally vulnerable at times. It is good to be honest, but not very helpful in this day and age. However, it’s all a part of her! So, there isn’t anything that I don’t like about her.””

Picture Courtesy: Lisa Bocarro

Picture Courtesy: GlitzVision

Rochelle for Keith,”He is a very calm person by nature. He is insightful and very caring as well. He is very quite at most of the times and comes up with a one liner at the end of the situation. He is somebody who notices everybody’s feelings and very calmly goes about sorting out situations. He takes a good care of me as well.”

Picture Courtesy: Lisa Bocarro

How bigg boss has helped the couple to add more of spices in their relationship and strengthen it. On this Keith stated,” Bigg boss was one place where we got to know each other better and deeper. Although we were forced to be living together for a very long time, under extreme pressures. That was one place where everything was real from feelings to emotions. We actually get to know each other’s true strengthens and weaknesses. So yes, eventually it did help strengthen our bond, while being cut off from the rest of the world.”

Video Courtesy: MissMalini Bollywood

Picture Courtesy: Lisa Bocarro

Wedding Photography by: Shannon Zirkle

We wish the newly weds, Keith and Rochelle a very happy and successful married life full of fun and love.

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