Makeup Artist Priyanka Arora shares Bridesmaids Trends for 2017_2018

Bridesmaids trends

Wedding Season is just around the corner and we brought up some expert advice for the bridesmaids from none other than makeup artist “Priyanka Arora”. She is the winner of the most prestigious wedding industry awards ZIWA, as the Best Makeup Artist 2017. Based in New Delhi, Priyanka Arora specializes in bridal makeup and is quite popular among the brides not just in Delhi, but also in North India for her makeup techniques, approachable nature and a friendly attitude. She has taken up some time to share some exquisite advice and this time not for the bride-to be but the lovely bridesmaids and here’s why?We guess all the bridesmaids just got lucky.

“This is probably ONE concept, which has been on my mind for as long as I can remember. We all know that there are a whole lot of articles; literature and videos on that perfect Bridal look for the Big Day. Through this article and references, I Makeup Artist, Priyanka Arora have tried the best to disclose to you the various bridesmaid looks for the season. I hope that you find it trendy, informative, easy to follow and help you find that profound vigour, magnetism, beauty and enough glamour you are looking to make it just about perfect for the D-DAY. It goes without saying. It goes without saying “A happy bridesmaid, makes a happy bride” – Priyanka Arora

So here are some makeup tips from a makeup pro herself.


Go toss your bold look with your eye makeup and explore as many colors as you can. One color that is going to be sparkling out this season is the color BLUE. Try out different looks for all functions such as Smokey, glittery and matt eyes. Add a little drama to your face by using eyelashes to complete the look. As the drama people enjoy these days are your LASHES.

Outfit by AmritaThakur



Make sure that you are using a good foundation and it is well blended. If you are going for a party that is going to last for a whole day, use a very light weight foundation or mousse but make sure that the makeup doesn’t look cakey. Remember, to pull off the flawless look “Less is more” and your skin is going to look spot on if you are going to blend it well. BLENDING is the key, ladies. Glow for it, gorgeous! Contour and strobe your pretty features using a good highlighter and contour.

What kind of outfit should a bridesmaid choose?

First thing that a bridesmaid should look forward to while choosing the right outfit is to be comfortable. Lehenga sets, sharara suits and crop top sets are the popular choices for Indian wedding bridesmaid dresses. According to her, a bridesmaid should wear something modern yet elegant and classy. They can choose different types of silhouettes with classy cuts. The off shoulder trend, is still now a popular street
style, that has made its way to the bridal world also. Cropped skirt with a crop tops one of my favorites for a Mehendi function. Digital prints in geometric, abstract and floral embroideries and patterns are the latest trends.

Outfit by AmritaThakur

Some Bling Advice for Bridesmaids

Invest in a Mathapatti or a Nath. Try out different types of Nath’s considering their different sizes and patterns for your look. If you are going for heavy Mathapatti or Nath, go subtle with your neckpiece. Playing around with different chokers can also be considered. One stop shop for all the kind of jewelry is RAABTA Jewels by Rahul Luthra. They have really unique and trendy styles. Raabta Jewels is also one of the leading stores in Delhi. This is definitely my favorite store.

Outfit by Anushree Reddy

Advice on footwear

Running around for small errands in comfortable shoes for a bridesmaid can be such a relief. Wedge heels make things perfect in terms of exaggerating the height and giving comfort. If you are still a pencil girl, walk in those heels many times before you actually wear it on the final day.

Few words of wisdom for bridesmaids

Remember these magical tips and you are good to go! Remember there’s no better makeup than CONFIDENCE. She believes that all women are pretty without makeup and can be pretty powerful with the right makeup and dressing tips!

Outfit by Blush


Well!! We are sure these few simple but important things briefed by Priyanka Arora will help all bridesmaids out there.

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Outfits ?:  Anushree Reddy,  Blush, Gazal Gupta ,Amrita Thakur

Photography ?: Gautam Khullar Photography

Jewelry by ??: Raabta Jewels

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