Royal Indore Wedding That Has a Cute Background Love Story


Well, we girls have our super fangirl moments and are fangirling over our favourite celebrities all the time.  Our Bride today is a super fangirl over none other than her groom. Isn’t it cute? Let’s take you to the Royal Indore Wedding that has our fangirl bride, who married the man of her dreams and the pictures say a lot about the love they share.

Meet Shubhika &  Ayush

Ayush  & Shubhika met while they were in  College. From walking to class together, they’re now walking their lives together hand in hand as life partners. Both are big-time food lovers and PUBG lovers so as so that we’re even sported playing PUBH during their wedding. Bride Shubhika is a big fan of Ayush’s dance and whenever he performs her eyes just lit up and hearts starts racing.

Pre-wedding Shoot


The Wedding 

The wedding took place at Hotel Sayaji Indore and was a  beautiful amalgamation of cultures, traditions and fun. The bast part of the wedding for  Shubhika was Ayush’s surprise dance performance for her.

Watch the Coolest Groom Performance Here 

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