Significance of Rice at Bidaai in Indian Weddings

Across the globe, Indian Weddings are known not just for their illustrious display but the rich culture and the traditions. Spanning over 2 days the wedding is solemnized post various rituals. These rituals are not just for namesake but each of them holds symbolic significance in the newly married couples life that’s why even the final goodbyes are said under the shelter of the rituals. We have often seen  Indian Bride’s throwing away rice behind and the family holding it ever wondered why?  Well  there is a symbolic meaning behind it, therefore we explain the Significance of Rice at Bidaai in Indian Weddings

Bidaai is bid adieu ceremony of the bride that happens when the various wedding customs have been solemnized. It just means after the kanyadaan and the seven vows, this is the most imperative custom that happens. The Vidaai ceremony commences with the bride throwing a bunch of rice over her head backwards while taking steps out of the house.  There are various individuals who believe that it is only wastage of grain however it portrays a magnificent significance to one of the famous customs of tossing rice amid the bidaai function.

Bidaai is bid adieu ceremony  Sona Sachdeva Photography

The Tradition

Vidaai as per the English language means “Goodbye” and this is ceremony is all about those bittersweet goodbyes that lead to new beginnings.  While stepping out of the edge of her house, the newlywed girl throws back three to five handfuls of rice, in some situations filled with flowers as well over her head. Here brothers and family members spread out their hankies or pallu of kurta to collect the grains by thrown by her. Henceafter that the bride proceeds towards her doli or car without looking at the back.

Bidaai is bid adieu ceremony

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The Significance

While this may look like an ancient ritual  that is  carried on for generations but it has some importance as well attached to it:

A Token of Appreciation:

By tossing the rice in reverse, the bride emblematically says thanks to her parents and the family for the love that she has been showered since her birth.

Token of Acknowledgement

By tossing the rice in reverse, the bride recognizes the unrestricted love and care and worry that her parents have showered throughout her life.

A Prayer for Good Fortune

As the bride recognizes her parents, she additionally wishes them for their unprecedented flourishing and favourable fortune in business and riches. The rice quite per the antiquated terms is the image of adoration and her tossing it in reverse delineate to express her desires for her parents and darling ones to never confront any obstruction or need in her absence and furthermore in the whole life.

Daughter – A Face of Goddess Lakshmi

In the greater part of the Indian cultures, a girl is thought to be the sign of Lakshmi, the goddess of riches and success. At the point when the little girl turns into a bride and leaves everything even her folks for her in-laws, she tosses back rice to ensure her parents that she will keep on gracing their home as a material and otherworldly success.

Avoid Evil

As the bride heads towards the beginning of the new life she avoids underhanded by tossing back rice behind her. Her parents support her so she leaves all the negativity behind, and enters her new home with positive vitality.

Bidaai is bid adieu ceremony

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Why only Rice?

Whether it’s the west side or the east side, rice is undoubtedly the one staple that transcends cultures and is often an integral part of the weddings. In the foreign countries, the newlywed couple is showered with rice to bless them with good fortune, and fertility. Similarly, in India, rice is considered to the main commodity especially in Hindu weddings. But, now the question arises why only rice is considered, not any other grains?

Rice is an essential component of Indian diet and because of its basic life-sustaining qualities, rice is an effective symbol of auspiciousness, prosperity and fertility. And it is also thought to be ward off evil, thus a perfect choice for the tradition!

The custom of tossing rice symbolizes that she is thanking her parents for raising her and furthermore spreading satisfaction and flourishing in all edges of the house.

Bidaai is bid adieu ceremony

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Bidaai is a bittersweet moment for the bride and her family. The joys of the new life are surrounded by the tears of leaving her parent’s home. And, after the Bidaai ceremony, the bride is welcomed into her new home by the groom’s family known as Griha Pravesh custom, and followed by few other celebrations to honour the bride.

Regardless, how antiquated, certain customs are they are worth incorporating into your wedding to make it uncommon. Would you incorporate this well-established convention of tossing rice into your D-day?

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