This Couple Has A Coolest Wedding Hashtag & Had A Beautiful Pre-Wed Shoot In Atlanta!

Pre-wed shoot in Atlanta


February – The month of LOVE is here and as Love is in the air, so let’s make February a FAB-RUARY with a beautiful love story of our cute couple Akhil & Dhwani. When destiny chose you for each other, then everything happens with the flow. And so is Akhil & Dhwani’s first meeting turned out in a cute love story. You will not only get awww with their love story but their coolest wedding hashtag will surely leave you amazed. And above all, they had a Pre-Wed shoot in Atlanta that is an overdose of cuteness. You can grab pre-wedding shoot ideas from their lovely couple shoot.

Meet Akhil & Dhwani

Pre-wedding shoot in Atlanta

How They Met:

“It was so EASY for both of us. There were no games, conversation flowed so nicely. The love is so real between us and so raw. It was refreshing to have that. We could totally be ourselves without second-guessing if we sounded “weird” or “crazy.” ??

We met in June 2019. I sent the first message and after a few exchanges, Dhwani decided to go in for the kill and asked “I want to meet up at some point?” I was intrigued and said yes – Dhwani’s bold initiative made me interested even more. Then Dhwani who was in North Carolina decided to flew to San Francisco to meet me..little did she know that our conversation would flow so well and that we would instantly click. ?

I was wearing formals waiting at Airport for Dhwani and she arrived in a hoodie and track pants 😉 we talked for hours and then moved on to different places in the area. It was so easy to be with each other and we met again a few days later. ?

love story

love story

I love everything about Dhwani. She is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. But, somehow, she’s humble, down to earth, and very easy to talk to. However, it was her kindness that really sealed the deal. She is absolutely sweet and innocent. And as I’ve gotten to know her over the past 1.5 years, she is kind and the most loving person I’ve ever met. ?
We love to travel together, try out new restaurants, and fine dining, whether it’s exploring new places and hiking trails and national parks in other states. Otherwise, we love to go to the gym, lounge around, cook together.”- says Akhil.

Not only Akhil & Dhwani has a cute love story but they also have the coolest wedding hashtag and it is

” #ContractKillar “

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