5 Things to Consider Before Booking Your Wedding Venue

Once the wedding date is set, the foremost task of wedding planning is booking the venue. With so many weddings a happening on the same date, it’s important to book the venue in advance. Before   you head start for your wedding venue hunt, make sure to add these 5 important things to your list . A destination wedding or a hometown wedding these 5 things are utmost important.

Where do you wish to Get Married?

Undoubtedly, wedding day is one of the most memorable days in one’s life.  While some may want to have a destination wedding, one may also consider it to be in  the hometown . Some Brides may wish to get married in their hometown, as they have live their childhood there and holds lot of importance for them.  You make sure that your spouse  both the families are comfortable  with the location .Travel time for Baraat to reach the destination, whether it’s comfortable for the bride’s family to make the arrangements at a far-off location, the view points and comfort of both the sides should be considered.


The budget is the king in wedding planning. Indian weddings can go off –board in terms of budget. It is ideal to stick to a budget for the venue, as there is lot to do in weddings and over spending is not a good idea. While destination weddings abroad can be quite expensive, there are off-beat locations in India too where you can plan a wedding.  If you are considering wedding in your hometown, you can use some references. Also do not forget to consider travel arrangements budget. You will have to pay travel expenses for various vendors such as Makeup artists, Photographers etc.

Guest Count

What comes after budget is guest count, a small cosy wedding or a long list of guests. It’s important to consider as you need to book the hall with the capacity, or in an outdoor wedding considering lawn area.  The number of rooms  to be booked  and not to forget the parking area , as guests will not like it if they have to leave their  cars parked on the roads or in some parking lots far away.

Wedding Decor

There are so many options out there; one must keep in mind the kind of decor before finalizing the venue. While an outdoor wedding opens up a lot of opportunities to play with the decor, but only if weather is on your side.The kind of mandap, stage settings, DJ settings all should be considered and kept in mind.


To be very honest , it does matter how approachable your wedding venue  is. It need not be in the centre of the town but  definitely not at a place that is too difficult to reach .   You not only need to make extra travel arrangements for a far off venue, it also leads to less guests turn-up. Also higher the expense of getting your wedding vendors to  the venue and sometimes your favourite ones don’t travel so far .


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