An exclusive interview with Makeup Artist – Sakshi Malik

Beauty is universal and makeup is one trick to let it shine through. Makeup is all about enhancing and highlighting the best features. In this beauty arena, there are a few makeup artists who are always looking to explore their creative side and Sakshi Malik is one amongst them.

Sakshi’s passion and dedication towards makeup have led her to work with various celebrities from the tinsel town. We at Wish N Wed, spoke with this makeup guru to delve into her beauty bag:

How did you discover the love for makeup?

During my school years, I wasn’t very good academically but I had always been very creative. My parents always encouraged me to explore my creative side and to choose a career that brought out my creativity. My friend’s father suggested me to start my profession as a makeup artist. After giving much thought to the idea, I started learning more about makeup.

What are the things that you are most proud of being a makeup artist?

I love exploring different ways of being creative. I also love the feeling that I get a chance to play an integral part in the girl’s life on her biggest day. It’s always good knowing that you have made someone feel prettier & confident by enhancing their features.

Most importantly, my job is flexible & I can work on my own convenience. I can work at my own will, take holidays when I need and stay at home when I feel the need to do so.

Looking back, how makeup artistry has changed or influenced?

Working in the beauty industry is highly competitive.  From the time I stepped, the industry has undergone drastic changes. Social Media has acted as a game changer in this field by influencing people to opt makeup as their career whether they have the interest or not. There were days when people were scared of choosing makeup as a future goal as it was considered a unique career option with no promising future. But now it’s an extremely common line. This is how it has changed.

What are your favourite winter trends?

The one I love the most is dark lips which are my favourite in all seasons. I love the minimal makeup around the eyes with lashes and a lot of mascara.

An exclusive interview with Makeup Artist - Sakshi Malik

Your client portfolio is very impressive. What is the most exciting opportunity you have had as a makeup artist?

As a makeup artist, I had a lot of exciting opportunities when I got a chance to work with celebrities. I still work with Huma Qureshi. I feel very excited when I’m approached for destination weddings because I love travelling and I love the opportunity that my work gives me to travel to different places.

Share some tips for girls with dry skin and oily skin?

Hmm, I think dry skin is common these days as the winters have approached. Because of global warming and pollution in the air, people who used to have oily skin have dry skin these days.

The most important tip is to wash your face twice a day. You should not carry any makeup while going to bed.

There are numerous products available in the market to treat dry skin. I usually use Indulgeo rose gold oil to treat dry skin and for sensitive skin, I recommend to use wonder gold oil. Another product that I love is Innisfree wine jelly sleeping pack. There are various other Korean products available in the market. Hence, the point is just to keep skin moisturize and never forget to wear a sunscreen at any given point of the year.

What do you think are some keys to being a successful makeup artist?

To be a successful makeup artist I think the key is to keep your avenues open to learning and to have lots of patience. Nothing happens overnight and you have got to work hard in such a competitive field.

An exclusive interview with Makeup Artist - Sakshi Malik

What’s on your goal list for the upcoming year?

I have some things on priority for the upcoming year. Firstly, to work harder and I hope to have my calendar full in the season time. Secondly, to stay focused on fitness. Lastly, of course, travelling to different places.

A big thank you from Wish N Wed to Sakshi Malik, for taking time out of her busy schedule to share with us her life as a makeup artist.

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