An Interview with Delhi Based Makeup Artist Ridhima Talwar

As the winters are approaching, so it’s the right time for every winter bride-to-be to start making preparations for a flawless skin and stock up with some beauty products. This renowned Makeup artist has revealed some of the trends that will surely rock your skin on your D-Day.

Ridhima, a Delhi based Makeup artist, who was an HR professional but her heart always beat for Makeup. After working in the corporate field, she realized that it wasn’t her cup of tea.

After having a look at her portfolio, we couldn’t take our eyes off the brides. Each and every bride looked so stunning and unique!

In a small chit-chat with Wish N Wed, she spills out some of her secrets for the latest winter bridal trends and her love for Makeup. With 3 years of trained experience as Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist Ridhima Talwar shares some of her wisdom with us. Let’s explore…..

How did your journey as a Makeup Artist began?

Makeup was always my passion. In my childhood days, I used to try makeup using my Mum’s lipstick and face powder to get the glow on my face. I started my journey 3 years back. I went to London for training in Dublin. Then I came back and continued my training at Aashmeen Munjal Makeup Academy. Finally, I started my own Salon. And here I am!

Makeup Artist Ridhima Talwar

Who is your most favorite celebrity bride?

My favorite celebrity bride is Karishma Kapoor. This charming beauty has always grabbed the attention of the public. At one time, because of her glamour, she was famous with the title “The Queen of Bollywood”. Her subtle makeup has always inspired me.

What has been the most popular summer bridal trend?

According to me, I would say that people are aware of every trend. But, personally, I believe that the most popular trend was having subtle makeup with natural touchup. And less use of foundations and creams and other stuff. The trend mainly involves the flawless look, not to look so patchy. This trend will continue till Sept-Oct.

Ridhima Talwar Makeup Artist

What kind of makeup is best for Day Wedding and Night Wedding?

I feel that the use of light colors, use of pastel colors like peach, pink etc are best for the day wedding. Just after the wedding of Anushka Sharma, the wedding trends have changed. Mostly all the brides are trying to get inspiration from her for a Day wedding. 

On the flip side, for a Night wedding, I don’t prefer that brides should have dark makeup. Instead, they should go for glossy makeup. They can go for smoky eyes and shining lips. I have seen some brides with darker lips and darker eyes. That also can go but it totally depends upon the bride’s dress as well.

Ridhima Talwar Makeup Artist

In your opinion, how should a bride decide among Air Brush and HD Makeup?

Personally, I feel that Air Brush makeup looks sticky on the face. So, HD Makeup is much better than Air Brush Makeup. 

Ridhima Talwar Makeup Artist

As Winters are approaching, you can share some skin care tips for Winter brides?

In winters, brides-to-be start taking a lot of dry fruits, almonds, cashew nuts for a getting a glow on their face. So, if the girls are having sensitive skin they should avoid taking all these stuff, as it can get pimples on their face. Instead, they can take Coconut Water to keep their skin hydrated. Also, they can have some Multivitamins or they can take prescriptions/guidance from any skin specialist.

Plus, I will suggest the girls with dry or oily skin to use moisturizer twice a day as the skin in winters turn dry. Also, they can use olive oil for their hair. Other essential oils are also available in the market for hair.

If a girl wants to take almonds, they can soak it overnight and then consume them in the morning.


One product that every bride should keep handy with her on D-Day?

The Lipstick! Hahahaha

Lipstick is one thing that should be 24 hours on your Lips, especially on the D-day. For example, if you drink something, it gets off. Sometimes, there are brides on whom the long-lasting Lipstick also won’t work. It happens just because the lips are not hydrated properly.  So, in order to overcome this problem, a bride should always use a good lip balm. Nowadays lip scrub is also available in the market for getting soft and shiny lips.

Hence, I would suggest that a bride should always take a lipstick in her purse so that if it gets off it won’t affect her makeup.


Makeup Do’s and Don’ts for a Winter Wedding?

Do’s for Makeup for a Winter Wedding:

# Brides-to-be should take proper care of their skin.

# They should keep it hydrated by consuming Coconut Water.

Don’ts for Makeup for a Winter Wedding:

# Brides should not take any sort of stress as it can totally affect the glow of their skin.

One must advise for Every Bride?

One last advice, I would say that brides should not get panic as it can affect their makeup. Everything will be sorted. Because there are people around the bride to take care of her on every moment.

Panic can lead to stress and stress ultimately affects your skin. Stress can even get pimples on your face. So always be happy on your Big Day.

Wish N Wed wishes Ridhima a long way filled with success and growth!

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