Give a distinctive look to your trousseau by ?The Pataaree?

Wedding Packaging is equally important as the Wedding Gift!

Hence, similar is all about wedding trousseau; the trend set nowadays is that it matters what’s inside, but what matters the most is that how it’s being presented. All have some crazy aunties from the neighbourhood to check what you have got – so why not leave them stunned with the beautiful packaging of a trunk handcrafted by Pataaree.

Remember those old traditional trunks? The ones that you now get to see only in epic movies based on the medieval period. These are made of carved wooden or the big boxes used to store some household stuff in the corner of the storeroom in the present era. Although not in vogue, it’s a very beautiful idea to use those boxes by decorating them or painting them. If you wish to choose something out of the box why not spunk these old aged traditional trunks. You can opt the handmade trousseau packaging trunk by Pataaree that looks really chic and stunning.

Have a sneak peek on some amazing stuff presented by this homegrown brand and pick the best one for you ???

Beautifully handpainted with the colours of your choice!

Apart from your own clothing stuff, you might surely be carrying some designer suits as gifts for your in-laws, that would require extra attention and unique styled packaging too.

Bandhani, Vintage Shaped & Pastel Coloured Trunks!

Ditch all those folding patterns and try out something new such as dome-shaped, rounded etc that sets your trousseau apart from other weddings

Round Shaped Pataarees!

Gotta Work will never Fade Way!

Gotta work is an absolute favourite of the brides. It can be seen in suits, lehengas, dupattas, so why not incorporate them into your trousseau packaging. It will surely grab everyone’s attention.

Phulkaaris!!! Never Enough!

Phulkaaris are a big hit. They are not only part of the Punjabi wedding but a very much seen across different cultures. While you flaunt your phulkari dupatta, why not have a matching jewellery box.

Life’s too short to wear that boring Jewellery!

Floral Jewellery needs no introduction. It’s everywhere!

Customization with your picture or name!

Why not carry a suitcase that has been specifically handcrafted for you? Each time you open, it will remind you of your beautiful wedding. Isn’t this amazing?

Platters/Decorated Thaalis!

This trend is very popular these days. These are perfect for trousseau packaging for highlighting the dazzling shagun.

Magical Decor!

Something for Bridesmaids also!

Here’s, a small surprise for the beautiful bridesmaids. These lipstick covers and rings are a perfect gift for the bridesmaid.

So, what are you waiting for? There’s something for everybody, you just need to reach✨The Pataaree✨!

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