How to Organise an Industrial Themed Wedding

industrial theme wedding

Industrial weddings are more popular than ever for their stylish, creative feels. Pairing modern designs and gentle colours with raw urban spaces and décor is a great way to make sure your wedding is one to remember. Here’s everything you need to take into account when organising your industrial themed wedding!

Decide the Right Venue

Deciding the venue is one of the most important things when planning an industrial themed wedding – it sets the scene and aesthetic for everything else, and so it has to be just right. That doesn’t mean you’re stuck for choice, however – in fact, breaking free from the traditional wedding venues and expectations gives you a lot more variety and locations to pick from.

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When looking for an Industrial Wedding venue in Brisbane, you want to look at empty buildings with character. We’re talking warehouses, factories, and even classic loft spaces – finding somewhere with a large empty space gives you the ability to design the rest of the room’s layout how you’d like.

Remember – you’re looking for somewhere raw, somewhere bare, and somewhere that has lots of character. Though you’ll be adding your own decorations and making the place look more wedding-ready, you still want the building to show its true, authentic self to create the right atmosphere.

Add Some Décor

Décor is key to completing the look. Though you want the building to speak for itself, adding the right décor can really accentuate those rich features and bring the place to life. When it comes to décor, it’s best to opt for more modern options to really fit with that raw urban feel that comes with industrial themed weddings.

There are two key pieces of advice we’d give for décor. The first is to use plenty of geometric patterns – these work so well against the stark background of your venue, and really add a pop of variety. They also have this rich urban feel that can intensify that industrial atmosphere you want to create.

The second is to use plenty of mixed metals, dark wooden features, and stonework. These kinds of materials, which are common in industrial settings, add some extra authenticity, and really bring everything together. Copper tends to work well – don’t be afraid to go bold with this, such as copper cutlery or even copper seating!

Finally, lighting is essential and can really make or break your set-up. We’d recommend some hanging lightbulbs for that classic yet quirky look, but even candles can work if you’re looking to go old school. Here are some unique lighting setups that would look great with an industrial wedding.

industrial theme wedding

Finishing Touches

The final thing you want to consider when organizing your industrial themed wedding are the finishing touches – things that are easy to look over or not pay much attention to but can really take your wedding to the next level.

Colour schemes are one of those things – it’s important to think about what kind of colours might match an industrial theme. Generally, softer tones are perfect to contrast the harsh industrial feeling and work nicely with adding some elegance to your wedding. We really recommend this peach, copper, and gold palette by One Fab Day.

Wedding favors are also important, both in how they’re presented and what you decide to offer. It can be tricky to find something that fits the theme, but like the décor, you’re going to want to look for geometric designs and items that are a bit quirky or original. Little copper pins or cufflinks are simple but make a cute addition to really wow your guests.

Finally, remember your photos! You’re going to want to find the best place in your venue for those photos – whether that’s a stripped brick wall, some exposed piping or machinery, or in the main space of the building, find the area of the building that you think captures its character best. This is the best way to make sure you capture that atmosphere in your photos as well as on the day, and keep your memories cherished.

Though it’s a lot of work, creating an industrial themed wedding with the right venue, décor, and finishing touches will absolutely pay off! Enjoy making your day, especially yours.

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