Perfect Picture Place For a Picture Perfect Pre-wedding Shoot

Pre-wedding shoots  are a big fad these days, it’s an essential component in any weddings. Until and unless you are not living  under some cave you might have seen  numerous pre-wedding  pictures in the greece backdrop, beautiful painted walls, traditional chulha, huts etc. Not all of us can go to Greece, Rome , Italy  to  name a few for that perfect back-drop for  a pre-wedding shoot so  these beautiful locations have now been  brought  to  very own country by few talented people. Now  the city  beautiful  couples  are all set to shoot on the backdrop of these beautiful locations  at Studio P3  ( Perfect Picture Place)thanks to  three  hardworking men Sandeep Kohli, Harsh Bansal and  Sanchit Bansal.

Speaking to Sandeep Kohli who is involved in designing and managing the entire setup, says there has been put a lot of thought behind the place, each element has been carefully designed from  backdrops to the props. The place is  perfect for  pre-wedding shoots, post-wedding photography, kids photography and  maternity shoots. The place has been carefully designed  keeping in view the lighting  and open areas.

Now we have the hottest pre-wedding shoot location in Zirakpur sprawling around 3  acres of land,over 60 different  backdrops and unlimited props to shoot.

We are excited already and can’t wait to show you around .

The Backdrops

Studio P3
Romancing In Greece “Santorini Delight”


Studio P3
The Barcart at O’Connell Street Dublin
Studio P3
Fleuriste Shop on the European street
Studio P3 Chandigarh
O’Connell Street, Dublin
Studio P3
Studio P3
Musical Nights
Studio P3
Library Setup
Studio P3
The Irish Bar
Studio P3
Studio P3
Picture Courtesy Cheema Photography
Studio P3
Roman Pillars
Studio P3
The Village Setup


There are  10 different Graffiti’s  at Studio P3. The Graffiti’s have been drawn  artist in Chandigarh   Mr Akash Bhalla, who is an art  student in Chandigarh. The  are incredibly done and  one should definitely get a shoot done standing next to them.

Why Shoot At Studio P3

It’s  all about privacy of the couple. Shooting outdoors in open areas is  quite a discomfort for the couple. You need to travel across different areas to find a perfect backdrop, and it feels awkward in posing in open areas with number of eyes gazing at you. If you have costume changes, different props to carry, then it’a pain in the neck because either you will have to  plan your shoot over two to three days, or  change in car,public washrooms etc.

Studio P3  makes sure that  couple gets their  time together shooting without the hassles and  preying eyes on you. The facilities like changing rooms, makeup rooms and hospitality is also provided so that your shooting time is utmost comfortable and an enjoyable experience of creating lifetime memories.

Studio P3 Chandigarh
Picture Courtesy Cheema Photography

Sandeep  says ” In India  there  are still large number of couples who have arranged marriages so  pre-wedding shoots  for them is a special opportunity to open up and  the experience they get shooting together at a quiet place like Studio P3  is incredible. Because Indian weddings  is  a 3 day long celebration  with numerous traditions and rituals couples do not get enough  time to  shoot together . Also they are usually surrounded by number  of guests at weddings  so it’s  a “WE” time for couples.


Currently there are 3 packages  available depending on the requirements of couple.

The bookings are done in advance and it

1.  4 Hours  10000/- INR

2. 6 Hours    16000/-INR includes hospitality, meals  for clients and photographers

3. 12 Hours 24000/- INR includes hospitality, meals  for clients and photographers

At a time 3 couples  can shoot  in the premises as they are having 3 changing rooms and makeup  room for 6 people.

Studio P3
Makeup Room at Studio P3

Where is it Located

StudioP3- Perfect Picture

Bansal Farms, Near Balaji Towers Kishanpura

Behind DPS World School, Zirakpur.


For Bookings 

Sandeep Kohli +91 8860484475

Harsh Bansal +91 9915030894

A must visit place for your pre-wedding, post-wedding, kids and maternity shoots. Studio P3 Gets you all covered from your pre-wedding to kids photography. It’s worth the experience that you gain and memories that you make for a lifetime of togetherness.

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