Why We need Facials?

Facials Do you really need them?

Yes, you do, it is going to be your special day and the day when you don’t need a tiara on the head to be recognized as the princess or a queen.  After all, it’s your right to turn the heads turn around and an inspiration for all the girlies out there so why not bring out the glow in you by trying out some good facials.

To get you started let’s see benefits can facials bring along.

  • Gives you smoother complexion as it removes the dirt that has been accumulated in the pores.
  • Facial Massage helps in increasing blood and oxygen flow circulation to your face giving you a healthy glow.
  • Unveil the new skin: Exfoliation leads to removal of dead cells and will bring the new fresh skin to the surface.
  • Aids in lighten up discolouration and pigmentation due to sun exposure and pollution.
  • Makes the skin look young and healthy.
  • Improves the skin texture over the period of time on the use of skin specific chemical free products.
  • Takes care of your blackheads and whiteheads.
  • It helps relieve stress as you get time to pamper yourself and helps you indulge in for some “ME” time.

So with the benefits being said, it’s time to indulge in some salubrious facials for that perfect bridal glow.


But before you pick up on facials, there are certain things that you need to keep in your mind.

Eat Healthy: With the pressure of looking the best, we forget to take care of our nutrition.  Remember starving to get that perfect figure and fit into your imagined stress may leave adverse effects on your skin and take away the glow. Facials alone cannot help you get that glow it’s important to get the right nutrition so include lots of fruits, veggies, nuts in your diet. Avoid eating any kind of junk food.

Know Your Skin: If you have highly sensitive skin or acne prone skin or any serious skin concerns it’s better to first consult your dermatologist before indulging into facial treatments as certain products may alleviate skin conditions.

Time Management: Make sure to plan well in advance for the facial schedule so as to reap maximum benefits. If you are looking forward to some pre-wedding packages make sure to screen the salons well in time as you are required to go for several sittings and will become difficult to manage last moment. Generally, the preps start 3 months before the wedding as sessions are planned in a way keeping sufficient gap in between them. So consult your salon well in advance and book appointments and sessions. If you are not planning on visiting salons and looking forward to DIY’s start early.

Communicate: As it is said “quality of communication is the quality of life “apply this rule for your skin too. Communicate with the beautician, it’s good to be inquisitive. Make sure to clear all your doubts, learn about the different facial options available and their area of treatment, benefits. Share any kind of skin allergies that you have. If you are getting your facial done the very first time making them know about it. Don’t fall for anything that you might have heard from someone as we all have different skin types and what suits another may not suit us.

 Don’t Forget your daily Skin Regime: Indulging into facials doesn’t mean that you need to give up on your daily skin care regime. Keep following your daily skin care regime to make the results of your facial last longer and better. In no case skip your daily skin care mantra of Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing.

Stay updated for the next post of Bridal Blush to try your hands on some facial DIY’s.

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