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PhotoCreators Kolktata one of the best wedding photographer in WestBengal. Specialises in pre-wedding, post-wedding and Wedding Photography.
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Be it a day in monsoon or a sunny day or a chilly night with camp fire it is thewedding day memories that keeps a couple evergreen. As told by princeHector of Troy A mans life is being faithful to his country andloving his woman. So indeed as lovers, partners, friends we also feelthe same and would love to make your wedding moments come alive throughour photography which we consider an art of keeping people alive evenbeyond their life on earth.Most importantly we help to keep you andyour family smiling whenever you look at the photographs.It is somethingthat you can share with your children and grandchildren.It isourfeelings that makes us express through this art.We strongly feel anemotional person can capture emotions better as he sees thingsdiffrently starting from the rituals to the small and cute pranks onyour wedding day.So we are not only photographers but the artists whocan make your wedding day even more beautiful after your wedding andthroughout your life. So we promise to every couple joh feel kartahai wohi samajhta hai we wont let minutedetails fade away.We are notyour hired cameraman but your buddy who wishes to make your wedding daya different one from the rest.We feel you as we also love someone andfeel in the same way about the special person we love. Services WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHY PRE-WEDDING SHOOTS POST-WEDDING SHOOTS
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