5 Tips To Help You To Finalize Your Wedding Theme

Outdoor Wedding Theme

In the wedding, the most important thing is the wedding theme that’s actually people are going to love it. It’s an idea or concept that flows throughout the events and ceremonies. This can be as simple as your favorite color or a song or as specific as the styles of your favorite decade or movie.

Settling on a wedding theme can be one of the difficult tasks when planning a wedding. But it may just be the most critical as well as the most fun! Once you’ve made your selection, everything else seems to just fall in place. Your venue, floral arrangements, bridesmaid’s dresses, and everything else will feel natural and easy.

Here are quick tips to finalize the wedding theme by Ashish Khattar, Director of  Portfolio Studio

1. Finalize the Date:

Make up your mind for a final date, keeping in mind your entire close one’s availability, venue, and the weather. It gets a lot convenient when you have decided on the date well before in time, gives you more time for the planning bit of it. You must have options of all the plausible dates for yourself, which you can then discuss with your partner, family, and close friends to come down to that one final one.

2. Choose the Wedding Venue:

Once you have the date fixed in mind, we suggest you start looking up the venues next. Because it’s the venue that the rest of the arrangements will depend upon, you must sit down with the family and prepare a list of feasible venues first. Things you need to keep in mind while clinching a location are, the Number of guests, time of the year (for climatic conditions), whether you want it indoors or outdoors, etc.

Outdoor Wedding Venue

3. Select the Wedding Theme:

After finalizing the date and the venue, what starts is the planning on the wedding theme. Your wedding theme is a reflection of your own personality in a way. You must take your time, think about the factors, both internal and external and then only, come to down to that final one.

4. Hire A Wedding Planner:

For smooth execution of your Wedding plan, you should probably consider hiring decent wedding planners. Now it’s not like you give away the onus and relax. The more involved you get, the better and more fun will it get. There should be a good amount of time spent with the planners and explain to them what exactly your needs, desires and expectations are regarding your wedding. Also, being welcoming of their own inputs won’t be of any harm.

Wedding Decor
Wedding Decor

5. Execute Your Plan:

Finally, after all the planning is done, start on the ‘mission execution. Now one thing, if the planning part is done with all honesty and diligence, this should be the easier part. You will now need to meet all the respective vendors with your planners and check if this is what you actually need. Though planners will take care of most of it, you must also keep tabs on all the vendors at your own level too.

Beach Side Wedding Theme

Outdoor Wedding Decor

Source: Portfolio Studio

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