7 Things That Guests Really Care about at Every Indian Shaadi Ever

Indian weddings are flamboyant and there is none denying the fact that  Indians celebrate the weddings like no other. Running around from pillar to post to, make everything look nothing less than a grand spectacle.  Indian weddings are an exorbitant affair spanning over 2 to 3 days or even more with a large number of guests in attendance.  Whilst, we fret over even the minutest of details there are just some things that your  Guests Really Care About.

Shaadi Ka Khaaana

This goes without t saying, that it matters the most to the guests. What makes the guests most happy at  Indian Shaadi is Food, Food and Food. Agar Khaana Saahi Nahi hai boss, then be ready for the Taaana. Your wedding dawaat should include everything from salads to desserts and that too in perfection and not to forget the snacks too.  This one thing that needs to be taken care with utmost care, because hungry complaining guests are a big pain and they will continue to haunt you even days after the wedding.


 It’s the second favourite thing, muft ki daaru kise achi nai lagti unless you don’t drink.  The Liquor bill will be soaring high than what you might have initially planned.  It’s basically a booze party for all the booze lovers, they really don’t care what’s happening around once they hit the bar. Choose your bar menu wisely keeping your guest’s interests and your wallet’s interests in consideration.

Baraat Ka Time

Baraat arrival and departure both are quite significant. There are two scenarios in the situation. The First It’s a common practice at weddings that food is served post-Baraat arrival so goes without saying that everyone has to wait, though not mandatory. Also, agar shaadi mein aaye aur baraat na dekhi tho you miss out on a lot.Secondly, our conscious does not allow leaving the shaadi before the baraat is even arrived.  So the more the delay, the more uneasy the guests get.

 Dulhaan Ki Entrance

The most awaited spectacle is  bride’s entrance and that’s what the modern day brides have capitalized on. They ensure that the wait for the dulhan’s arrival is worth every minute. Trust us, guests really do care about the Dulhan’s Arrival all have their own reasons. To name a few, to check on what the bride is wearing, for the baraati’s to catch the glimpse of hone vali bahu, update it all those who couldn’t make it to the wedding and above all we all love watching brides walking down the aisle. You can even hear guests speaking Bus Dulhan Ko Aane Do Phr Nikalte hai.



Good music is the heart of the wedding.  Wedding Songs Playlists that bring out the Govinda in everyone is worth pondering on. Also, the song requests need to be taken care of. Usually when your guests are two drinks down what they need the most are, feet thumping music to enjoy. Also, do not forget to include your local/regional dance numbers because nothing gets you more excited than the thought of dancing to your local music.



Believe it or not, but it matters a lot. Nobody wishes to go to a wedding and park their swanky cars just anywhere or be worried about their cars all the time. If there is not enough parking space you can arrange for transportation, especially for the baraat troop a single bus could minimise parking trouble.  You would really do not want people to be complaining about badly managed parking.



Mausam pe kisika zor nai hai, but arrangements must be made.  Monsoons  isn’t the best time to host  a wedding in India  for  one it pours anytime and endlessly, the roads can be filled  with water making travelling difficult and many more. So check weather updates and the time of the year when you plan the wedding.  If there is  even a slight possibility of rain make the required arrangements. A bad weather condition on a wedding day can make guests give your wedding a miss.

At Indian weddings, there are half the guests who actually attend the entire wedding and stay back till the Vidaai. It’s usually the best friends and dearest family members who stay by your side till the last moment. This doesn’t really mean your big day preparations aren’t worth, it is as it’s your wedding and it should be your way. So stop fretting over the minutest details and enjoy the wedding planning phase.

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