A Fun-Filled Beach Wedding With A Bride & Groom In Designer Wedding Outfits!

bride & groom in ivory colored outfits


An alluring wedding story of two people who in the truest sense were two pieces of a puzzle perfectly put together. Their marriage felt nothing less than a beautiful warm day in summer with a mimosa in your hand and the most refreshing feeling that you could ever experience.

You know the moment you see your partner for the first time after months of being apart and the butterflies you get, or realizing that the friend you met as a child would turn out to be your life partner. Well, this is the story of this perfect couple and their passion for one another definitely hit a different chord with the people around them, who were lucky to be able to vouch for their love, first hand.

Indian bride & groom in color coordinated outfits

Their unconditional love and modesty witnessed together was nothing less than inspiring and the wedding reflected every ounce of their collective and individual beliefs collaged into one dynamic blend of two beautiful souls. The bride’s bright smile could light up anyone’s day and the groom’s smirk could mirror the adoration for his bride.

Their Story That Will Leave You “Awww” Struck

Their relationship began in 8th Grade, in a classroom of Jamnabai Narsee School. At the time, they would go for the same tuitions, study together and talk for hours. What started 13 years ago and seemed like childhood infatuation, today was the decision of two people with tremendous respect and admiration for each other to be bound for life. After high school, both of them pursued their education with the groom moving to Chicago, the USA, and the bride first to Pennsylvania, USA followed by London and finally to Auckland to pursue her Ph.D. Their love story took a pause in the middle due to long-distance and various time zones. However somehow, they manage to turn that rock and survive it all.

Indian bride & groom in color coordinated outfits

The groom, as the bride mentions, was always the more emotional one that added the perfect balance to her pragmatism (they could possibly give all the love quotes on Instagram a run for their money). After staying abroad for almost 10 years, when it came to planning their wedding, they knew they wanted something modern with a dash of tradition. Their guest list was global with people flying in from the USA, UK, Spain, Italy, Thailand, New Zealand, and Brazil. The presence of guests arriving from different places around the globe was one of the many special things about their marriage.


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