A Glitzy Mumbai Wedding With The Bride In A Royal Blue Lehenga!

Indian bride in royal blue lehenga


This Mumbai wedding story is about the girl next door. Yes, our beautiful bride Ekta & our handsome groom Gaurav have been neighbours. After countless dates, the two had a grand wedding in Mumbai. Inspired by Sonam Kapoor’s wedding looks, our bride ditched traditional red & went for a classy royal blue lehenga for her wedding. Not only her bridal look was fabulous but her dazzling Mehendi look grabbed all the attention.  

Meet Ekta & Gaurav

Mumbai wedding

How we met:

“As far as first-meeting stories go, ours could get no better! They say if two people are meant for each other, they will always find their way back to each other. We’ve been neighbours for the longest of time and there were some sparks back in 2009 but the immature kids in us let things slide.

We lived our own separate lives leading our own journeys without realizing that in 2015, our destination was the same. With no communication for 6 years, it was almost impossible to rekindle anything. But despite the years that passed by, it was hard not to fall for each other.”

Proposal Story

“It all started through walking past each other in the colony, hearing about each other through neighbours and the building events where we would bump into each other, not speak and yet feel that something is there and the candle was still burning. We then went on multiple dates where most of the time it was him forcefully taking me to places he doesn’t enjoy like Movie Theaters, Carter Road, Japanese restaurants but still we couldn’t get enough of each other.

After countless dates, he finally proposed to me in 2016 and it just felt right, nothing could stop it and it was so natural. I’ve always dreamt of my perfect wedding but he was what made it perfect. It’s funny how we lived right across each other for the longest time, but never ever imagined that we would get married one day. We fight a lot and we annoy each other every day, but we are best friends and we are one family and that’s all that matters.”

Proposal Story

“Gaurav and I faced a lot of situational challenges in the relationship from the get-go, but the love we felt for each other never let anything deter from building a life together.

He will always be my Guapa (handsome) and ill always be his Chica (young women) ❤❤”- says the bride.

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