Beautiful Ranakpur Wedding With A Filmy Love Story As A Background


When we saw Jaisel and Abhishek pictures, we instantly fell in love with them. The pictures beamed of happiness and you could only see smiles all around. Not just these two love birds looked a match made in heaven, they looked absolutely stunning for all their wedding events.

Beautiful Rangpur Wedding

Love Story

Chiefly, Jaisel and Abhishek’s story comprises of No’s to finally a Yes. With turning down each others proposal to finally accepting it, these two have a chemistry that speaks out through their pictures. 6 years ago Abhishek and Jaisel met at the temple and became friends. One day at a college fest Abhishek asked her out and Jaisel was quick to decline the proposal. A friend-zoned Abhishek immediately left the fest leaving Jiasel alone behind. He decided to give his feelings a break while Jaisel developed feelings for him . On being ignored at several occasions Jaisel decided to ask him out on his birthday, the day he was playing at the Sunburn festival. After multiple unanswered calls and texts, Abhishek finally answered the call only to tell her that he is very busy and her calls are disturbing him. She politely apologized for her mistake and let him know that she had something very important to discuss.
Jaisel decided to give it one more shot and ask him out again, she asked him to meet to which he agreed. They two went for a long drive and Jaisel asked him out, and Abhishek said NO once again. She stepped out of the car and while she was out lost in her thoughts and view, he asked her to get in and proposed to her with a cake and a ring. She said YES!!!!

All this while Abhishek was well aware of her feelings, but was only making her realise on what she was missing out and wanted her to make a move now.

Isn’t it a filmy story?

This love story had their fairy tale wedding in Rangpur, Rajasthan amidst family and friends.


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