Different Ways To Share Your Love Story At Your Wedding

Pre-Wedding Shoot

Marriage is one of the most important decisions of your life. There are different ways to share your love story at your wedding. Couples use their unique creativity to uncover the perfect way to share their love story with their family and wedding guest.

Kunal Khanna, Director of White Frog Productions share some uncovered several ways that you can share your love story as a tangible keepsake on your wedding day and beyond.

Have a sneak-peek to these 5 beautiful & cute ways to share your love story at your wedding.

1. There can’t be anything more impactful than a video to show your guests what your journey together has been like. But why share a typically redundant pre-wedding video with the guests and bore them? We could have a video shoot meticulously and closely around your real story and play it up on your wedding night.

Pre-Wedding Shoot
                                                            Source: White Frog Productions

2. Telling your story is an even more personalized way to do it is by narrating it yourself. It could also be the greatest gift to your spouse. The guests will automatically feel more connected with the story when they hear it from the horse’s mouth itself.

Love Story At Your Wedding

3. There’s an entertaining way to do it as well – dance to your favorite number with your partner. The intimacy that you’ll share while dancing will speak for itself and the guests won’t even have to know the story per say.

Dance With Your Partner
                                                                    Source: White Frog Productions

4. Throw an exclusive party – have a cocktail night dedicated to the rapport that you share, could be anything from naming the cocktail drinks after your tidbits from the story to bartender yourself.

Cocktail Drinks at Wedding

5. If you’ve been dating for years, you are sure to have an array of pictures together. Why not be creative and have a photo wall made with the relationship milestones and important dates that you’d like your friends and family to know.

Photo Wall at Wedding

Just be creative with what you do. With today’s day and age when there is some new and offbeat way to do things, let’s not be dull and boring.

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