From Pre-decided No to a Yes This Lakend,Udaipur Wedding is all Kinda Goals


How many times has it happened to you that you are hell-bent on saying NO to something, but eventually end up liking it? Coming to choosing your life partner we have a kind of “fit-in list” someone who fits in our idea of a soulmate, but destiny has its own course to play. That’s exactly the case with our bride today.

Meet Komal & Ayush

Udaipur Wedding

Komal & Ayush are both electrical engineers, while Komal is from Bangalore and Ayush is from Chennai. Both of them had an arranged meeting set up by their parents. Komal was hell-bent that she would want to marry someone from Bangalore and would say NO to Ayush once she had met him.

The meeting was set and they were set to meet one fine Monday in Bangalore but Ayush decided to show up on Sunday. What followed was mayhem at home, with Komal’s cousin driving Ayush around the city to buy Komal some time to get ready. When they finally met they spoke about random stuff as both of them clearly didn’t know what was going around. They Bid Goodbye and thought that this was the end.

Until one day while Komal was in Chennai with her family and Ayush parents invited them out on lunch. Komal and Ayush went out to chill. exchanged their phone numbers as it’s no harm to just being friends. After being in touch for a while, and meeting on a few occasions Komal knew that he was the one she was actually looking forward to as her soulmate. She et her decision known to her parents and the two exchanged their feeling and the wedding date 26-02-2020 was fixed at Lakend, Udaipur.

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