Grand Mumbai Wedding Designed by the Bride Herself


When the Bride is the founder of a luxury wedding decor company, you know you have a well planned and an inspiration worthy wedding on the way. Pooja & Anshul wedding was a grand wedding affair at the Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai & even had Varun Dhawan perform for the Sangeet Ceremony.

Meet Pooja & Anshul

Pooja Doshi is the founder of Elusive Dreams a luxury wedding decor company based in New Delhi and now in Mumbai too. Pooja and Anshul met in an arranged setup, little did they knew they would embark on a beautiful journey of love together.

On  finding her soulmate in Anshul, Pooja says 

Our first date was at Olive, Bandra and I still remember him walking in, in his blue jeans black shirt and tan brown shoes. He was so handsome I couldn’t get my eyes off him and our date which was supposed to be for an hour lasted 4 and a half hours. When he spoke I felt I was talking and his experiences seemed so similar to my life experiences. We met again the following week at Koko, Lower Parel and that day we laughed and shared more about ourselves. His laughter lit my world and I felt this strong connection towards him and I got the intuition that I wanted this to work. This meeting changed everything for both of us and luckily I got to know after, he felt the same.

Now I believe in the saying that when you know, you just know !”


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