How to do Facial At Home

How to do Facial At Home

Having learnt about Why We need Facials it makes us want them. How confusing it can get picking up the facials ask me about it, with so many salons around and  so many facial choices they offer it  makes  all the more difficult  to resist  any of them. Commonly put on our plates are  De-Tan Facial, Fruit Facials, Gold, Diamond and Pearl Facials,Oxy-Facials, Skin Brightening Facials, Herbal facials and so many more to name followed by long bills. “All is fair in love and war” and our love for our skin makes us forget the long bills at least till the time we have money in our pockets. But then we have amazing facial secrets in our kitchen cabinets waiting to be revealed. So try your hands on these   amazing , super easy   facial DIY’s and learn how to do  facial at home with simple  steps.

The Technique

Before  anything else, lets  learn the technique. So there is this 4 steps technique that we can put to use at least once a week .

Every facial routine will follow the same 4 step ritual  with a variation of product applications. So here are some really  refreshing  DIY facials which will help your skin achieve the glow, but leaving you also wanting them  all the more.

Chocolate Facial

Who does not love eating chocolates they have helped us go through a lot. So how can they stand behind in our bridal beauty preparations? I really don’t know about diamonds but chocolates really are girl’s best friend. So let’s get you started.


Cleanse your face and neck with your favorite cleanser or  you can also use Dove Bar for cleansing as it contains ¼ th moisturising milk leaves your skin soft or just to Yogurt Cleansing. For effective cleansing massage for face with the cleanser in circular motions for few  minutes before washing off.


Exfoliate is  a must do for all facial glows. It is really important as it helps remove the dead  skin cells and  bring up the younger skin cells. There is an army of scrubs around the corner but we will make our  own scrub.

What you Need:

Ground Coffee/Cocoa Powder  You can use either of the two, both work as good  exfoliating agent and  both are tempting to eat .

Olive Oil/Coconut Oil

Brown Sugar/ White Sugar ( Granulated) If you don’t have granulated sugar  just make use of the little pestle and mortar from the kitchen. You can also blend the sugar  but do not make it a powder we need little granules .

How to Use

Mix together Cocoa powder and sugar in a bowl.  Slowly add oil to it and mix it simultaneously to form a paste.  Continue to add the oil and stir till you get a consistently that’s not very thick we need a thin consistency. Apply the   paste on the skin and then start massaging your skin forehead and neck. Make sure to massage your skin softly, getting hard on your skin can lead to skin rashes. Massage both clock wise and anti-clock wise for just 60  seconds. Do not scrub for longer duration. Clean the face with the help of towel dipped in luke warm water or you can also use a sponge to clean.


Massage the skin with the help of cinnamon oil and Vitamin E oil capsules.  If in case you do not have them just mash some curd apply it on the face and massage for few minutes then remove with sponge. While massaging the skin be gentle on the skin and do not push too hard on the skin   preferable massage the skin upwards. Massage is good for blood circulation.


The final step is a applying the face mask.Masks provides the much required nutrition to your skin leaving them healthy and glowing.

What you Need: Dark Chocolate, honey, milk and rosewater

Melt the chocolate in a microwave and then add milk honey and rosewater to it. Mix     together all the ingredients and apply on the face and neck for 15 minutes and wash off.


Strawberry Mango  Facial

It sounds yummy,  for your skin it is a good food source. Strawberries and mangoes are packed with Vitamin A and Vitamin C  which are powerful antioxidants and help you in achieving  glowing skin also they help you keep wrinkles and darkspots at bay. So let’s see what all we need.

What we need

Strawberries, Mangoes, Honey, Milk, Yogurt and Almond Oil

Cleanser:  Use milk and honey for cleansing the skin. Mix honey along with milk and massage it on the face and neck area  for 30 seconds and wash off with tepid water. Milk helps to remove oil- soluble impurities from the skin, while honey as an oxidant help to overcome environmental damage due to pollution and sun.  You can also use honey with lemon juice it is perfect for oily skin.

Exfoliate:  Take 3 to 4 strawberries in a bowl 2 tbsp. of  sugar    Mash the strawberries   into sugar   with the help of a big spoon . Now add almond oil to this mixture and whip it together.   Sugar should not dissolve completely as you whip if in case it dissolves just a little more. Now you are ready for exfoliation just rub your skin mildly with this scrub for about a minute. Now to remove off, use sponges dipped in warm water and gently remove the mixture off the face and neck area.


Mask: Take mango pulp in a blender add yogurt   Apply  it on the skin and leave it for a good 20  minutes. You need not to throw away   the mango skin you can also rub it on your arms, hands and legs  and wash off  in few minutes.

Aren’ t they  yummilicous , your skin will thank you for the love .. Well now let’s move to the ancient secret.

Super Facial

This  is a super facial  (well we call it so )as it involves the beauty secrets way before the  cosmetic industry was introduced.   Why we call it superfacial  because it  soothes the skin,  clears blemishes , removes tanning and pigmentation, inhibits unwanted facial  hair growth  and of course the glow.

What You Need:  Curd , Turmeric, Ubtan, Lemon , Mustard Oil , Tomato, Sugar, Coconut oil, Sandalwood Powder.

Cleanse:   Mix together  curd and lemon . Apply the mixture on the face gentle massage and wash.

Exfoliate: Cut the lemon in two halves out juice of lemon , add  lemon and sugar to it  mix them all. Don’t throw away that lemon skin you are going to need it . Dip the lemon half on the mixture so that the mixture gets into the lemon now with the help  of  lemon gently rub it on the skin . Make sure you are  rubbing your skin gently . Scrub  your skin  for a  minute . You may use this scrub for your elbows , hands, arms  as well . Once done wipe off with tepid water.

Massage: For massage  we will be using  milk and tomato. Just squeeze the tomato juice out and mix with a little milk and  there  you go massage  your skin . Tomatoes bleach your skin naturally also they are effective in treating acne.  Post massaging just leave it for 30 seconds and then wipe off with water.

Mask:   Take a bowl add ubtan, sandalwood powder,mustard oil,  a pinch of turmeric and mix them well together. Well if you don’t have ubtan you may use gram flour  besan). Don’t Use too much turmeric as it may leave too yellowish tint.  Apply the mask on your face. This may   cause you a mild sensation  don’t worry it’s just the  pack working their magic.  It is best if  you put it up with the help of your hands instead of brush and massage before letting it set.  Leave it for some 15 minutes and you may relax yourself in the mean time.  Once dried don’t just wash office  just dab  rose water with the help of sponge and then rub it off  when a little moist  with hands . One you have removed the pack rubbing you may wash off with mild water to get rid of that’s stick remaining on the skin.

Just as you discover your skin after this facial you too will call it a super facial.

Done with facial don’t forget to put on your favorite moisturizer post  it. Try these once a week and you will see visible difference in your skin texture and glow. Also for all those who didn’t know yoga can also work wonders for the facial glow. All amazing benefits that yoga brings along glowing skin is one of them.

Thanks to you tube  you can find numerous  yoga tutorials there , well this one that we found on on the go for glowing skin.

Don’t forget to back up these facials with a healthy diet, sound sleep and say no to stress. Remember Happy Brides are the prettiest

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