The story of a wedding invitation card

In the mid of a perfect summer afternoon, the music of the door bell announces the arrival of the most awaited wedding invitation. Way before the courier guy makes his way out, Snap! the card is out of the envelope. A careful look at the wedding venue,event details and what follows is an instant rush for the wedding preparations. But before the preparations it’s the opinion time.”Eww! The material  is so  underrated”,” Oh Gosh it’s so loud” comments the teenage queen. And our elderly say “It’s best,fits good in budget”and the debate continues for some time.

By the time  the emotions settle a bit, the card is either lying on the table or is lost in the depths of the never-to-be-found zone of the house. The most talked about thing now  lies in the corner and who knows later in the dustbin or maybe will be used as a fan if the power goes off. The plight and the story of invitation cards is the same all around .No one to blame, but what else will one do with it. If they come embellished with Swarovski crystals  we would keep them as safe as our jewelry.

We in India are shifting more towards glam weddings with lot of pomp and show . Of course yes, the invitations cards are a great way to add the extra glitter. There are also few who consider them most under-rated and allocate the least budget. The hunt  for the perfect wedding invitation cards is not easy either.  Knees pain  making rounds to the market and head too. We do so,because yes the cards speak volumes about us.

Not to deny the fact that invitations do play a vital role in the wedding especially in India where people won’t talk to you for months if you, by any chance, forget to invite them. Apart from that invitation cards do help people to plan their schedules according to the events. But it has its tragic end, that perfect piece lies there in the trash bin.

We all have come across e-cards for birthdays, anniversaries . And now  we have another addition to it with the E-Wedding invitations. The concept is new to India but is quite popular in the western countries. In west,people prefer e-mailing the wedding invites rather than mailing fancy big wedding invitation card  boxes.

Ask  yourself a question.  Why do we  not go paperless when we can do a lot more to our wedding invites ?  The wedding is already a costly affair . The costs from venue to decor , drinks to food , jewelry to dresses,  and not to forget  makeup to photography  are already  bothering us so much .Why spend extra on invitations when we have a budget-friendly online solution.

Coming to the price point, on an average we come across wedding cards in the local markets starting at a price of Rs 10 approx and then there are some fancy looking around 40 Rs to 250 and the bigger once may cross thousands of your hard earned money or maybe your parent’s money. But the question remains is it worth spending ? E-invitations gifts us  a full fledged wedding invitation website with loads of features at a fraction of the cost. It not only saves you card costs , but also it’s easy to send across . Technology has blessed us  with social channels like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter at no extra cost. Saving your courier hassles and costs too.

Are you ready to give it a try and add a feather to your cap with an outstanding online wedding invitation card ?

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